Translation of mortise in Spanish:


mortaja, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɔrdəs//ˈmɔːtɪs/


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    mortaja feminine
    entalladura feminine
    mortise and tenon joint ensambladura de mortaja y espiga feminine
    • Instead, they employ hand-chiseled mortises and tenons, which are secured by wooden pegs that must be carved by hand.
    • Mortise attachments are very popular, allowing you to drill precise mortises with your drill press.
    • With an octagonal cross section, the frame of the pagoda is completely made of wooden parts solidly linked by many mortises and tenons held together by a sophisticated system of brackets, in 54 different varieties.
    • There are two main types of joint- the mortise and tenon, and the dovetail.
    • The stock was made of hardwood, in two pieces, to simplify forming the wedge mortise.
    • That's why so many old guns have a broken wrist or lock mortise.
    • Drill a hole and chisel a shallow mortise in that jamb for the strike plate.
    • It appears that the left side of the stock, as well, has been planed away slightly to open the left side of the iron mortise.
    • Jefferson simplified the complicated joinery of mortises, tenons, and wooden keys by substituting laminated sections fabricated with an abundance of nails readily available from his plantation nail factory.
    • Mark and cut the mortise and recess for the strike plate using the same method used for installing the lock.
    • If this chair had been produced by the sophisticated woodworking machinery of the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, it is reasonable to expect that the mortises would also have been machine cut.
    • Then cut a V-channel across the mortise anywhere within the mortise.
    • The router is used to cut contours in wood for edgings and moldings or for more complex relief panels and inlay work, dovetails, and mortises.
    • The added work of chiseling mortises and cutting tenons for the joined stretcher, rather than setting a turned stretcher into drilled holes, seems to suggest a decorative aspiration rather than a structural need.
    • Unpinned splat tenons have room to expand and contract within the mortise, avoiding splitting.
    • You can use a router to cut mortises for hardware, to joint and trim lumber, to create recesses for decorative inlays, and much more.
    • The mortised joint is even neater than the butt joint, but you must cut a mortise into the post for this joint.
    • If the door is not plumb, you may have to adjust the hinge in its mortise.
    • On the day of the accident, when fitting earlier sections to the tower the crew had difficulty in aligning the tenons on the top of the tower with the mortices on the bottom of the new tower section.
    • The bars were jointed to the stiles and rails using a small mortise with a corresponding tenon in the bar.
    • Use a sharp chisel or utility knife to enlarge the mortise in the direction that you need to move the plate.

transitive verb

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    ensamblar con ensambladura de mortaja y espiga