Translation of mosaic in Spanish:


mosaico, n.

Pronunciation /mə(ʊ)ˈzeɪɪk//moʊˈzeɪɪk/


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    mosaico masculine
    before noun mosaic floor suelo de mosaico masculine
    • A stunning mosaic of the Last Supper, towering 80 ft over the altar, has also been cleaned and new lighting installed to bring the church back to life.
    • After the war he returned to easel painting and was also active as a book and magazine illustrator and as a designer of mosaics and stained glass.
    • For floor mosaics, stone remained the dominant material.
    • Glass mosaic tiles add a translucency and complexity that ceramic cannot match.
    • One of the city's oldest pools, the Yeoville swimming pool, has received a sparkling, multi-toned blue mosaic facelift.
    • Executed in a mixture of black and white marble, red, orange and brown terracotta and blue and green glass, the mosaics retain their voluptuous, dazzling intensity.
    • In the fine arts, the cartoon is a full-sized preliminary drawing for a work to be executed afterward in fresco, oil, mosaic, stained glass, or tapestry.
    • This sprawling citadel, looming high above the Andalusian city, boasts a dazzling array of mosaics, with tiles arranged in beautiful, intricate patterns, and is a testament to the beauty of mathematics.
    • A random pattern of glass mosaic tiles adds a splash of color to the bathroom between the girl's bedroom and the shared playroom.
    • For £25,000 upwards you can have a reinforced-concrete pool, lined with stone, tiles or mosaic, which should last 25 to 30 years.
    • These include paintings, drawings, pottery, sculptures, mosaics, wall hangings, wood carvings, glass works and leather pieces, felt art, jewellery and much more.
    • The amber mosaic panels between the long mirrors and gilding have been painstakingly reproduced and constructed by Russian craftsmen.
    • Miniature mosaic icons, as suggested by preserved examples, were produced for a very limited time in Byzantium and were highly prized.
    • In that year she traveled to Venice and commissioned the Salviati company to design the elaborate interior and exterior mosaic decoration for the church.
    • Like any mosaic it is a product of countless pieces.
    • Containing preserved frescoes and opulent glass mosaics, this remarkable archaeological discovery provides a rare insight into the daily life and culture of the period.
    • On his island retreat he finds a mosaic of the Tree of Life, the beautiful tree laden with fruit ignored by Adam and Eve in favour of the Tree of Knowledge.
    • No ancient medium is more difficult to present in the museum setting than floor mosaics.
    • Down here is the swimming pool, which is 41 ft long and elegantly lined with mosaic tiles, reminiscent of the Roman style.
    • The themes of heraldry, religion, astronomy, astrology and the natural world are expressed in murals, mosaics, stained glass, intricate woodwork and stone and marble carvings.
    • In the case of the miniature mosaic icons, these details allow the reader to scrutinize the production technique of this exacting art form.