Translation of mosquito coil in Spanish:

mosquito coil

espiral antimosquitos, n.


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    espiral antimosquitos feminine
    • Today we use mosquito coils, which is much cheaper!
    • According to a recent report, Sri Lankans have sought to avoid mosquito bites by burning 1,110 metric tons of mosquito coils worth 102.28 billion rupees up to August this year.
    • There must be scientific ways to deal with the problem at source instead of burning mosquito coils in homes.
    • He used a mosquito coil to battle the buzz in his cell.
    • The material included utensils, new garments, kerosene stoves, footwear, sanitary kits and mosquito coils.
    • Not only does she appear in television commercials for an energy drink, a soda, instant noodles and a mosquito coil, she will also star in two variety shows and have her own TV drama starting this June.
    • Similarly coconut shells could be incinerated and the powder could be used for making mosquito coils.
    • Though mosquito coils may be effective, the long-term effects of exposure to the smoke are unknown.
    • Citronella candles and mosquito coils seem to help when the air is calm, but their effectiveness diminishes with a breeze.
    • The allegation is that she was asked for sexual favours in part in return for chocolate, sunglasses and mosquito coils.
    • 100,000 tons of mosquito coils made from pyrethrum are sold each year.
    • As a result, we used to sleep with the many others on the open terrace, looking at the stars in a windless night, hoping that the fumes from the mosquito coil would keep away the buzzing creatures from us.
    • The first thing you are going to need is mosquito coils or citronella candles to keep away the winged blood-suckers.
    • A mosquito coil lay half burned under the bed - impotent to quell its intended victims, which began biting as soon as we sat down.
    • With a broad smile, she told a group of farmers that she has been using the oil for many years now and it has helped her family cut back on the costs of buying mosquito coils and paraffin.
    • Using an insect repellant, mosquito coils or vaporising mats, and wearing long, loose-fitting clothing when outdoors, especially at dusk and dawn, will help.
    • However, some residents suspected that the fire was caused by a cigarette butt or a mosquito coil.