Translation of moss in Spanish:


musgo, n.

Pronunciation /mɒs//mɔs/


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    musgo masculine
    • They live in soil or leaf litter and feed on fungi, lichens, mosses, and plant roots.
    • The room was smooth and white, with friendly-looking mosses and plants growing out of the wall across from him.
    • Soft moss grew on the earth in places, and the roots of creeping plants branched out haphazardly here and there.
    • Silky green moss grew through the cracks of the stone path.
    • Plants had been growing on dry land for at least 75 million years, but they were little more than mosses and liverworts growing on damp ground, along with some primitive vascular plants with stems a few inches high.
    • Nests are made of grass, twigs, leaves, moss and roots, and are lined with green leaves, small roots and grassy fibers.
    • As a bonus, the tiles grow moss on them during the wet winter months, so they're attractive year-round.
    • Unlike more-advanced land plants - such as pines and flowering plants - mosses haven't developed pollen.
    • The water was running fast enough to keep any kind of moss from growing on the rocks, so they didn't have to contend with extra slippery rocks as well.
    • Again, some researchers are debating whether or not moss can actually reproduce by spores.
    • Looking around at the top of the rock, she saw it was covered in a lush carpet of green moss, some tiny saplings cropping up here and there.
    • Sprinkle stale milk between the bricks to encourage moss to grow between them - you can't give your plants a better setting.
    • I liked the color combination of the rusty water and the bright green moss growing on the wall.
    • The millipedes would have feasted on moss and early plant life that grew only a few inches off the ground.
    • The previously lichen-covered rocks were carpeted with deep green moss.
    • We stroll along the banks of the River Avich with its waterfalls, through tightly-knit Caledonian forest, roots covered in a deep carpet of moss.
    • It's a temperate rainforest and is home to ancient cedar forests carpeted by ten thousand-year-old moss.
    • The room smelled musty, and the three stone walls had moss growing in the cracks.
    • There was nothing else nearby, not a single plant or animal, apart from a few patches of moss growing between the cobblestones.
    • In the same instant of realization, the water disappeared, replaced by a carpet of soft green moss.