Translation of MOT in Spanish:



also MOT test

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    (in UK)
    inspección técnica a la que deben someterse anualmente todos los vehículos de más de tres años
    ITV feminine
    • But first they are all having to undergo tough MOT tests to check they are roadworthy.
    • An investigation into the second-hand car market in Scotland has found that almost 40% of vehicles for sale on garage forecourts would fail an MOT test.
    • The MOT test is a money-making fiddle for many garages.
    • On top of the normal MOT test, private hire cars must have a further test to gain a council licence.
    • If the customer keeps the replacement car for more than three years further vouchers for free MOT tests are given to the customer year by year.
    • My final duty was to get it to a garage for an MOT test, there being no such thing in Italy.
    • The inquest heard the ‘J’ registered vehicle was unroadworthy and should not have passed its MOT test.
    • The poor condition of the car's front universal joint and a leak in the rear differential were spotted when it was taken to a garage for its MOT test.
    • They may have to travel to the mainland for everything from hospital appointments to an MOT test, but for their district court appearances at least, justice is delivered on their doorstep.
    • A year later when he took the same car to a Cambridgeshire garage for an annual service and MOT test, the tyres were still deemed fit.
    • He later discovered the car had recently failed an MOT test.
    • So a warning to all you motorists out there, you may find your MOT test is now going to cost you £84!
    • Interestingly, the press spec sheet makes no mention of springs, and if you tried the standard MOT test of pushing down on the corners you might wonder if any were actually fitted because the car just doesn't budge.
    • The corresponding failure rate in the MOT test in Britain was less than 30% in 2004.
    • Some instinct tells me that his old banger would not have passed an MOT test.
    • Today was the annual MOT test for the little blue Ford.
    • An MOT test does not cover all aspects of a car's roadworthiness and it only relates to the condition the car was in at the time of the test.