Translation of motel in Spanish:


motel, n.

Pronunciation /məʊˈtɛl//moʊˈtɛl/


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    motel masculine
    • Contact motels and hotels in communities outside of your area and find out if they will accept pets in an emergency.
    • If you plan to stay in hotels or motels along the way, call in advance to make sure they allow pets.
    • Wallpaper used to be reserved for conference centres, cheap motels and suburban sitting rooms.
    • The dancers could not afford to stay in hotels or motels, so they were billeted with people from the community.
    • He never caused a scintilla of trouble at any of the dog-friendly hotels and motels we visited.
    • A number of good motels and hotels offer accommodation for a stopover, and there is a good choice of restaurants and cafes.
    • Mountain cabin rentals provide a great alternative to standard hotels and motels.
    • Along with the signs, he said, the roadside motels and cafes are themselves art objects.
    • Airlie Beach has a wide spectrum of accommodation, from motels to resort hotels, and prices are somewhat lower.
    • Some motels and hotels actually work out to be more expensive, especially if you choose to stay in a suite.
    • If you plan to stay in hotels or motels, remember to make reservations in advance.
    • Everything in it is so much nicer than at those cheap motels, from the room size to the paintings on the wall to the coffee maker in the bathroom.
    • All the hotels and motels along the waterfront has been totally destroyed.
    • Hotels and motels usually renovate their properties every five to seven years.
    • Hotels, motels and entertainment theme parks have a unique security problem.
    • I hate hotels and motels, I hate sleeping in strange beds, showering in strange showers.
    • There are of course a number of ways to save money on hotels and motels without compromising quality.
    • Accommodation in Cairns ranges from backpacker hostels to motels and five-star hotels.
    • Find out which motels and hotels in your area allow pets - well in advance of needing them.
    • There are plenty of hotels and motels but not one permanent place of residence.