Translation of mother-of-pearl in Spanish:


nácar, n.

Pronunciation /ˌməðər əv ˈpərl//mʌðərəvˈpəːl/


  • 1

    nácar masculine
    madreperla feminine
    concha nácar feminine Mexico
    concha de perla feminine Chile
    (before noun) de nácar
    (before noun) de madreperla
    • Another category of vessels and flatware was distinguished by the use of precious stones or exotic materials, such as coral, mother-of-pearl, or coconut shell.
    • The furniture makers in and around the city of Trapani often used blackened pearwood instead of ebony, and much mother-of-pearl and coral, for which Trapani was famous.
    • She had on a pearl necklace and clam-shaped mother-of-pearl earrings.
    • Utensils can be made of mother-of-pearl, bone, enamel, or even plastic.
    • Some pieces are simply painted repeatedly until the high glossy shine is achieved, while others are crafted with an intricate design, sometimes using thin gold leaf or mother-of-pearl.
    • Early fish knives had ivory or mother-of-pearl handles with silver blades of unique shapes.
    • They often had tortoiseshell veneer and ivory and mother-of-pearl inlays.
    • And I have no idea what happened to his pretty little mother-of-pearl handled knife.
    • It was completely black with mother-of-pearl buttons.
    • The restaurant has heavy starched white linen tablecloths and huge antique Siamese chairs with mother-of-pearl inlaid backs.
    • The red cloth was then edged with rows of iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons.
    • Dinner tables were embellished with armorial silver and porcelain, gaming tables used mother-of-pearl gaming counters bearing coats of arms, while libraries were filled with rare volumes containing armorial bookplates.
    • Makers created presentation models crafted from expensive woods with carved elements and inlays of mother-of-pearl or ivory.
    • The red abalone, a seaweed-eating snail prized as a source of mother-of-pearl jewelry, is found off the coast of California.
    • ‘They have used some beautiful mother-of-pearl and glass buttons for men's coats and waistcoats,’ said Lucy.
    • Gleaming, iridescent mother-of-pearl possesses more than beauty.
    • They supplied buttons for all of Madonna's costumes in Evita, including special diamanté and pre-war mother-of-pearl buttons.
    • From your photography, it is clear that your mother-of-pearl earrings correspond to other known examples of Martha Washington's pearl jewelry, some of which is in our collection.
    • During the 1630s and 1640s, the decoration of export lacquer became lighter and more pictorial, and the use of mother-of-pearl gradually disappeared.
    • Pearls were harvested for their high value and pearlshell was used commercially for button-making and for mother-of-pearl.