Translation of mother tongue in Spanish:

mother tongue

lengua materna, n.


  • 1

    lengua materna feminine
    • Phrases like these are quite hard to understand, if your mother tongue isn't English.
    • Many immigrants not only learn English in addition to their mother tongue, but also speak other languages.
    • Even when we converse, and are talking in the same mother tongue, we often seem to be speaking a different language to each other.
    • She was fired for speaking in her mother tongue to customers and co-workers.
    • Krio is spoken as a mother tongue by some 250,000 people in and around Freetown and by many more Sierra Leoneans as a second language.
    • As a rule, interpreters are supposed to translate between their mother tongue and another language.
    • This bilingual program provides the opportunity for immersion in the lost mother tongue at an early age.
    • Whatever their mother tongue, babies acquire it long before they learn to read and write.
    • They acquire a knowledge of music in much the same way as they learn to speak their mother tongue - by listening to those around them.
    • Apart from his mother tongue, Tamil, he is able to understand and speak English.
    • English would be his mother tongue; he would have some knowledge of Latin, and he would speak fluent French.
    • If no one was available, children who spoke the same mother tongue could still discuss the new topic in their own language.
    • If they spoke even a single word of their mother tongue, they would be fined or penalized.
    • In general, the same people would be outraged if they were asked to abandon their mother tongue, French, and speak English.
    • In the piece, each woman speaks in her mother tongue, representing the two halves of the writer's self.
    • At that time, only approximately 7 million people used English as their mother tongue.
    • This is due to their traditional links with the Kosovo Albanian community and the fact that they speak Albanian as their mother tongue.
    • Two articles are written about each couple, one in their mother tongue and one in another language.
    • It is as if the gift of English as a mother tongue should preclude the learning of any other language.
    • ‘I learnt to speak English as a youngster but Finnish is my mother tongue,’ he said.
    • It is said that a child can already use all the grammatical patterns of its mother tongue by the time he or she is five years old.