Translation of motion in Spanish:


movimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmoʊʃ(ə)n//ˈməʊʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(movement)

      movimiento masculine
      to be in motion estar en movimiento
      • Moving in one fluid motion, she opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind her with a creak.
      • You could see the heat rising in waves off the highway and everything seemed to move in slower motion.
      • Video data is first processed to separate motion from the fixed background.
      • It dealt only with a specific type of motion: objects moving at a constant velocity.
      • Sir Isaac Newton formulated a single law of gravitation based on Kepler's three laws of planetary motion.
      • For Darwin, matter is not static but is constantly in motion, dynamic, so the universe itself is bursting with life, motion, energy.
      • One determines the law of gravitation by studying planetary motion, in which gravity is the only significant causal factor.
      • Randy comes up and tells him that he is not doing anything special - it's only the law of circular motion.
      • Her body stretched; her legs moved in a graceful, circular, galloping motion.
      • Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician and astronomer who discovered three key laws that govern planetary motion.
      • Simple circular motion as proscribed by Aristotle did not satisfy the observations.
      • His fight scenes are choreographed with grace and economy of motion - Flint never moves a molecule more than necessary to get the job done.
      • Your feet move in a forward circular motion, allowing you to land evenly on your foot.
      • Reese grabbed Jameson's arm as Jameson reached behind his back, and in one motion moved behind Jameson and twisted his arm up behind his neck.
      • At that instant he took a step back and threw her with a simple circular motion of his arm, and a twist of his hip.
      • Meanwhile coin tossing is in fact a predictable process following predefined physical laws of motion and isn't really random at all.
      • That simplifies the process of forward motion quite a bit.
      • Johannes Kepler formulated the laws of planetary motion, but died in relative poverty and obscurity in 1631.
      • In one fluid motion, he had moved from the desk chair to his feet and was now standing at Aidan's side.
      • For example, the first of Newton's famous laws of motion states that a moving body will continue to move in a straight line, at constant speed, until a force acts on it.
      • The scientist pushes the pendulum across a pin board of magnets and it jerks randomly in constant motion.

    • 1.2(action, gesture)

      gesto masculine
      movimiento masculine
      he made a cutting motion with his hand hizo ademán de cortar algo con la mano
      • He made a motion to Renny to pull out local navigation charts.
      • She then whipped around making a thrusting motion with her hands.
      • I made motions with my hand signaling Elizabeth to keep it down.
      • I eyed him and he made a motion for me to continue.
      • Gabrielle made a hand motion indicating that they were leaving.
      • Would they understand a summoning gesture as ‘come here’ or a pushing-away motion as ‘go away’?
      • She put down the clipboard she was holding and with a slight motion of her head indicated to her assistant to leave the room.
      • Berna made a slow sweeping motion with one arm.
      • He made a hand motion to indicate that he did not want it.
      • In a delicate motion Maria placed her free hand on Erik's, soaking in the warmth of his skin.
      • He looked at the horse in disbelief, and then made a shooing motion with his free hand.
      • In a swift motion, he kissed his wife upon the lips then raced the few feet of ground and jumped over the cliff that overlooked the sea about six hundred feet below.
      • At this nod, Kyle gave a quick motion to Keira, signaling that she should join them.
      • When Don said this he picked up his table knife and made a thrusting motion with it.
      • He made a circular motion with his hand and Phoenix rolled down the window.
      • He made a motion for me to put the phone down, but I shook my head.
      • He made a slow slicing motion across his throat, miming her death to a tee.
      • Mrs. Benson held the storm door firmly shut and smiled saccharinely at the girls while making shooing motions with her free hand.
      • The child didn't move or make any motion of understanding.
      • You've got to be concentrating hard on a mental picture according to the spell you'd like to perform, but most spells also require a hand motion or gesture.

  • 2

    • 2.1(for vote)

      moción feminine
      to propose a motion presentar una moción
      • to vote on a motion someter una moción a voto / a votación
      • to carry / pass a motion aprobar una moción
      • the motion was rejected/defeated se rechazó/no se aprobó la moción
      • He planned to propose a motion to City of York Council, calling on it to back the campaign.
      • The president's substantial majority in the legislature ensured that any impeachment motion would fail.
      • Opponents include 264 MPs, who signed an earlier motion expressing ‘grave doubts’ about missile defence.
      • The day ended, by the way, with a censure motion being brought against the minister.
      • The sense that momentum was building for a poll next year was heightened by the tabling of a Commons motion signed by 32 Labour MPs calling for an early referendum.
      • Later on Tuesday, Curley made a motion to defer further consideration of the health budget until his questions could be answered.
      • More than 100 Labour MPs are threatening to vote against the bill on January 27 and 160 have signed a protest motion over fees.
      • Mori stated that if the no-confidence motion were passed he would call general elections rather than resign.
      • Mr Meacher has signed a Commons motion which says MPs should have the opportunity to consider the issue before ministers give the go-ahead to license GM crops.
      • Last year 58 MSPs signed a motion calling for a public debate of the proposals, which is a majority of those eligible to sign motions.
      • Cllr Aird had tabled a motion calling on the council to provide additional support to the Tidy Towns committee.
      • He would not be able to live down the embarrassment in the event of someone telephoning him, as it was he who proposed the motion at committee to ban mobiles.
      • At the same meeting Matthew Richardson, a senior Union officer, proposed a motion of no confidence in Rufus.
      • Of the executive committee members, 14 supported the no-confidence motion while only three members voted against it.
      • I start my speech by supporting the no-confidence motion, as advanced by Don Brash on Tuesday.
      • The immigration issues that we have raised in this censure motion do not stop there.
      • If enough MPs sign the motions, Mr Pike may win a debate on the issue.
      • More than two-thirds of MSPs who are not part of the Executive signed motions against him entering Britain, making this the adopted view of the parliament.
      • All five motions have been signed by four of the five councillors elected in the Killarney electoral area in the June 11 poll.
      • Two-thirds of MSPs have already signed motions against the visa decision but Labour are unlikely to support an SNP motion.

    • 2.2Law

      petición feminine
      • Copying the practice of some lower courts, the Supreme Court can refer recusal motions to another Justice or a panel of three Justices.
      • Over the next several years, there were many motions for temporary court orders relating to custody and access.
      • Last fall the same Plaintiff brought similar motions before the court.
      • The Attorney General opposed the motion for substitution on procedural grounds.
      • The respondent has brought a motion for an order dismissing the application.
      • In granting the plaintiff's motion for an injunction Justice Patel found that Napster was liable.
      • The plaintiff brought a motion for an order dismissing the action without costs.
      • Uhler also delayed ruling on several motions by Robertson's attorneys for dismissal of all charges against him.
      • The motion seeking those orders was dismissed and the applicant then appealed to the Federal Court.
      • Eaton's counsel gave ample warning of his intention to bring the intended summary judgment motion and the reason.
      • On March 15, the defense had to file a motion for a court order to force the prosecution to turn over the rest of the evidence.
      • But he said he will file a motion for reconsideration before the same court or the Supreme Court.
      • Part of his oral motion sought an order that Keller be required to call Jones as his witness.
      • Defendants file massive summary judgment motions, seeking to dismiss every claim on various grounds.
      • The plaintiff's motion asks that he be allowed to file an amended statement of claim.
      • For all of the above reasons, the Applicants' motion for contempt is denied.
      • The law applicable to summary judgment motions is well known.
      • The California trial court, however, rejected the defense motion to suppress his incriminating statements.
      • Several of the defendants have brought motions for summary judgment under Rule 20, asking that the plaintiff's claim be dismissed.
      • It is the breach of that order which entitles the aggrieved party to bring a motion for a contempt order.

  • 3British formal

    deposición feminine formal
    to have / pass a motion evacuar el vientre formal
    • It's not serious unless there are other symptoms such as stomach pain or a change in the colour of your bowel motions, in which case it might be related to gall-bladder problems.
    • It may also turn your urine very dark; bowel motions become pale.
    • So it's either a hygiene problem, or you've got a problem with your bowel motions which is making the skin worse.
    • Traditionally patients would stay in hospital after surgery until their first postoperative bowel motion.
    • If the test shows that there is in fact blood in the bowel motions, the next level of investigation is a colonoscopy, which is normally done by a gastroenterologist or a surgeon.
    • Do you ever lose control of wind or bowel motions from your back passage between visits to the toilet?
    • Basically I try and get people to bulk up their diet, which firms up their bowel motions and therefore reduces the problem of leakage.
    • Eggs and fish often cause problems with bad smells, and fizzy drinks and beer produce excess wind and runny motions.
    • Haemorrhoids are the most common cause of bleeding from the anus; the bleeding usually occurs after passing a bowel motion and will appear on the toilet paper.
    • We excluded children who had had more than four bowel motions in the 24 hours before admission.
    • Symptoms include frequent bowel motions, a sense of fullness and often headache and anxiety.
    • Patients were often publicly humiliated by loud enquiries about their bowel motions.
    • Moreover you must ensure that you do not strain to pass a motion.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    she motioned to her assistant le hizo una señal a su ayudante
    • they motioned to us to sit down nos hicieron señas para que nos sentáramos
    • he motioned for silence hizo una señal pidiendo silencio
    • Tessa turned to look up at Jake, who rolled his eyes before motioning the girls to join him a few feet away.
    • Walking up the stairs in her business suit, she motions for me to hurry up.
    • No doubt he had our best interests at heart as he motioned us towards the downward-bound funicular.
    • He motions me to a shiny chrome door which opens to reveal a small gymnasium with a panoramic view of the Thames.
    • A friend of Delia's, Ben Lewis, spots us and waves madly, motioning us to sit down with him.
    • My thoughts were interrupted by a gentleman motioning me to sit down in his chair.
    • A woman sitting by the desk motions him to go into another room.
    • He merely shrugged then motioned a waitress over and ordered himself a beer.
    • He's from the old school, motioning you ahead of him through doorways with a graceful wave of his expressive hands.
    • Then he walked into the dining hall, seated himself and motioned the waiter over.
    • Jake turns his head and smiles at me before he motions for me to come closer.
    • Mom put her index finger to her mouth, motioning me to stay quiet.
    • A man walking down the hall toward us stops and motions me to follow him.
    • I turned around to find Pip, who motioned me to come and look at something.
    • The young officer guided the man in custody to a chair and motioned him to sit down.
    • She motions me to a side room, containing more exotic products and a fridge.
    • He smiled and noticed that Forrester was motioning him to leave the office.
    • It's like retracing the footsteps of a killer, as our tour guide motions us forward.
    • He waves and motions for us to join him on the dance floor.
    • If you enter a colleague's office and you find him on the phone, step right outside again unless he motions you to come in.
    • When she see her father she breaks into a run, but he motions her to stop.
    • After ten minutes the driver stopped and motioned us all to be quiet.
    • She acknowledged my return with a wave, motioning me to sit down at my desk.

transitive verb

  • 1

    she motioned them to be silent les hizo señas para que se callaran
    • he motioned her aside le indicó con un gesto que se apartara