Translation of motive power in Spanish:

motive power

fuerza motriz, n.


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    fuerza motriz feminine
    • In November 1839, a steam engine manufactured by H. R. Dunham of New York City replaced teams of horses as the main source of motive power.
    • An examination of his laboratory after the motor had been removed, showed that the extraordinary performances of his complicated machinery were controlled from a cellar in which a source of motive power was operated.
    • Meanwhile, gas illumination and, later, electrical lighting supplanted natural light, while steam slowly became the dominant source of stationary and motive power.
    • He also reported that electric motive power for both the mine and mill was furnished by the Ames Power station at a cost of $80 per year for each unit of horsepower.
    • Galt is an engineer whose miracle is a machine that converts static electricity in the atmosphere into motive power, thus giving mankind unlimited, cheap and environmentally-healthy energy.
    • Even the hybrid drive systems that use high-voltage, crankshaft-mounted starter-alternators as motive power are sticking with 12-volt accessories.
    • Whitney's company owned 8,000 horses and badly wanted a better, and speedier, form of motive power.
    • The Hellifield and District Gas Company had been registered, with a capital of £7,000 in £1 shares, to manufacture, sell and supply gas for light, heat and motive power.
    • Now: the function of an airfoil wing on a plane is not to provide motive power.
    • Electric power was supplied by L. L. Nunn's revolutionary new generating plant located at nearby Ames, but during the spring the mill used its abundant water supply to help provide motive power.
    • Under the skin it's a different story, with motive power and four-wheel-drive transmission that is unmistakably German.
    • Alternative motive power could be landed on the asteroid to enable it to be propelled out of its present orbit.
    • He also introduced the important concept of reversibility, namely that motive power can be used to produce the temperature difference in the engine.
    • Pull the releases toward you, and the seat backs flop forward under the motive power of gravity.
    • Most fishes do not use their forelimbs for motive power.
    • The alternative choice of steam or electricity motive power would still have created serious, albeit different, environmental problems today.
    • The driving force was obviously an engine, which consumed fuel to provide motive power.
    • Engineers at MIRA took the application of hybrid technologies far beyond the motive power.
    • Horses are the main source of motive power, and one third of our agricultural land is devoted to feeding them.
    • Smith introduced reinforced concrete in structures and replaced the customary steam engine driving the main shaft with separate electric motors to furnish motive power for milling ores.