Translation of motor racing in Spanish:

motor racing

carreras automovilísticas, n.


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    carreras automovilísticas feminine
    • The international weekly motorsport show brings world-class motor racing on the screen.
    • Nor were they welcomed in the more dangerous sports of skiing, motor racing, sailing and horse racing.
    • Hardware vendors such as HP and Sun have been heavily involved in sponsoring motor racing and other sports.
    • And again, everybody has to understand, motor racing is a dangerous sport.
    • But he goes too far when he claims that he has never brought motor racing into disrepute.
    • The cigarette firms which make Formula One motor-racing so lucrative have the same regard for sport as the people who turn football players into walking billboards.
    • I think the manufacturers are taking a very responsible role in trying to help guide the future of Grand Prix motor racing.