Translation of motorcade in Spanish:


desfile de vehículos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməʊtəkeɪd//ˈmoʊdərˌkeɪd/


  • 1

    desfile de vehículos masculine
    caravana feminine
    • A group of kids escorts his motorcade to the picturesque town square, where a crowd of about 100 has gathered.
    • All of the three candidates wound up their month-long campaign on Saturday with motorcades and marches in the district and spent yesterday in quiet reflection and preparation for today's election.
    • But as residents gather to watch the presidential motorcades speed past, strangely absent will be the hundreds of street children who used to loiter in the city centre, begging and sometimes stealing.
    • And he watched the motorcade coming up Houston Street and saw some of the cars turning the corner.
    • When VIPS zoom by in motorcades, you just gape for a moment and then forget about it.
    • The President and his wife were driven off in a motorcade to stay at the London residence of the newly appointed US Ambassador, William Farish.
    • As the Presidential motorcade made its way toward us, we began shouting and waving our posters.
    • At five in the morning a long motorcade entered the village.
    • Very, very often, there are sirens; but during the day, that may mean a motorcade, not an emergency.
    • A succession of motorcades marked their arrival at the Justus Lipsius building yesterday as they gathered for a summit that will set the pattern of EU relations for years to come.
    • She can have her motorcades if she stops pretending she is the Queen of Sheeba.
    • The helicopter had an agent riding outside with a weapon trained on us, but once the motorcade passed he moved on as well.
    • Street traffic will only be stopped for a few minutes while the motorcades of the delegates pass and inconvenience to Sofians will be minimized, Vladimirov said.
    • Dressed in their white official uniforms, the subdistrict chiefs went to the legislative building in a motorcade.
    • Here are two basic questions: how fast was the motorcade going?
    • Will his friends organise marches and motorcades to try to influence the Court of Appeal?
    • ‘I've cut down on the size of my motorcades quite a bit,’ he says with resignation.
    • The presidential motorcade returned to the palace at about 4pm.
    • Beyond the designated protesters' area, we see an occasional protester with his back turned on the motorcade.
    • We broke off for a while to go and look at the motorcade.