Translation of motorize in Spanish:


motorizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈməʊtərʌɪz//ˈmoʊdəˌraɪz/

transitive verb

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    • Most motorised wheelchairs have a top speed of 6mph.
    • He was driving in his Land Rover, the only working motorized vehicle for miles.
    • We have enjoyed offering the first real computerized, motorized wheelchair; we have a huge market in that area.
    • First, by the 1940s most fish harvesters were using motorized boats and were thus able to fish more traps in a larger area.
    • The first motorised vehicle Sir Chris Bonington drove was a tank.
    • Read on to learn what motorized bikes are all about, and then you decide.
    • He said motorbikes and other motorised vehicles would be prohibited from using the route but the scheme would be wheelchair and pram friendly.
    • Since its introduction, the company has hired an army of lobbyists in an effort to get state and local governments to change laws that bar motorized vehicles from sidewalks.
    • It dates back to 1959 when motorized taxi cabs gradually replaced man-powered tricycles.
    • They fear the proposal will damage wildlife and nature conservation and that motorised vehicles will endanger people who already use country paths.
    • Keep in mind that there are very few motorized vehicles there.
    • There hasn't been drama like this in the parking lot of a grocery store since two little old ladies fought over the last motorized shopping cart.
    • The farming industry was crying out for a small motorised vehicle that could handle hills even a horse baulked at.
    • As the automobile transformed American life, other motorized vehicles had profound effects as well.
    • However, police say the miniature motorised vehicles are subject to the same legal requirements as a normal motor scooter.
    • All drivers and passengers should wear helmets that meet current standards for use while operating motorized vehicles.
    • The signed petition was sent to the capital and voted through the legislature into a bill banning motorized vehicles on small ponds and lakes.
    • A lot of children die riding these motorized vehicles, and I've known quite a few of them.
    • The shops are within walking distance of several areas of retirement housing, many of whose residents now use motorised wheelchairs.
    • Newer luxury houses have bomb shelters with bunk beds, dry toilets, motorized air-filtration systems and so forth.