Translation of motorman in Spanish:


maquinista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmoʊdərˌmæn//ˈməʊtəman/

nounPlural motormen


  • 1

    maquinista masculine
    conductor masculine
    • And how do you think the public should treat the motormen and conductors, some of whom they're very angry with after three days off?
    • We stood for a short while on the platform to allow the motorman to change ends.
    • Instead of a motorman and conductor there will only be motormen.
    • Our train sat in Hoboken just long enough for the motorman and conductor to change ends, and then we were off once more.
    • Travelling on the tram was a sociable activity as the same conductors and motormen were on the same timetable most days.
    • At the inquiry the motorman stated that as he approached the station, the signalman waved him in with the green flag.
    • It's the 134-year tradition of flaunting one rule - ‘Passengers should not talk to the motorman/gripman while the car is in motion’.
    • Simon Gray, a motorman, said: ‘We are underpaid.’
    • Fifty-year-old Harry Kelly is one of these 380 motormen.
    • A childhood buddy of mine, who is a motorman, told me of these problems when I asked him why the trip to Manhattan appeared to take longer than when I used to take the trains to Manhattan in my adolescence.
    • Craighead predicted serious problems in systematic enforcement of the ordinance because conductors and motormen were allowed to use their own discretion in seating passengers.
    • She would look at the cases of motormen, conductors, station cleaners and track workers and ask me, ‘Why do you only live a couple of years after you leave this place?’
    • They had a conductor and a motorman: a motorman to drive it, and a conductor to collect fares and announce the stops.
    • At first he had been employed as a motorman, but from the summer of 1992 he had been engaged as 3rd engineer.
    • The motorman tries to contact his command center, but his radio has hit one of the system's ‘dead spots’, so he gets no signal.