Translation of moulder in Spanish:


intransitive verb


  • 1

    • Then she burst out, in a fit of temper quite unlike her, ‘It's just been mouldering in here, no-one even knows it's here!’
    • The Egyptian Halls in Union Street, now mouldering, is not only Thomson's finest commercial building but one of the most extraordinary commercial buildings of its time.
    • On gateposts here and there are pumpkin jack-o'-lanterns, softly mouldering away, some with smoky eyes from exhausted candles.
    • Meanwhile they are mouldering up there on what might be some absolutely trifling offence.
    • Frankly I don't understand why most companies don't follow the same policy as franked income in the hands of shareholders is worth a lot more to them than huge piles of franking credits mouldering away in the company's balance sheet.
    • Ancient rusting gates invite you up leafy avenues to romantic lost demesnes, ivy-clad ruins and mouldering monuments.
    • Well, sure: but you know, I've got this X-Wing model on my shelf that's been mouldering in shrinkwrap for three years waiting for me to build it up.
    • A ‘safe’ haven was considered to be the government public service, a secure job where you were never sacked and slowly mouldered away doing as little as possible.
    • I also parted with a large sum of money and came away with a 7 tightly wrapped bags containing a week's supply of something that smells old, fusty and a bit mouldering.
    • Some of these ordinary people lay quiet and undisturbed in the churchyards of our parish churches, mouldering silently away, their faith in the certainty of bodily resurrection yet to be realized.
    • Frequently, Lovecraft made reference to ancient, mouldering tomes that contained secrets man was not meant to know.
    • At last those in the know can luxuriate in the lost aural treasures that have been mouldering in the BBC vaults.
    • Museums chiefs in York are preparing a multimillion pound bid for lottery cash to make countless ‘hidden treasures’ in the city accessible to the public - and save some of them from literally mouldering away.
    • Are there, mouldering in some bottom drawer, still existing examples of the Brigadoon bra and panties?
    • After years mouldering in stone, the ancient explosive was finally sent off with a bang as the two-man bomb squad safely detonated it in a farmer's field at around 11 pm before a small crowd of onlookers.
    • Yet its opulent, mouldering furnishings appear intact, its books look down from the shelves, their spines unspoiled but their pages crumbled by termites.
    • I have to admit that my own seven volume, 3,000 page magnum opus is still mouldering in the slush piles of various publishers in London.
    • But inside it was a slum - stone floor, carpet torn and dirty, furniture mouldering.
    • It's scandalous that the Green Fund, which was set up in 2000 to be used for environmental projects, has been mouldering in the Government's coffers for four years without a cent being put to use.
    • A casual examination today would lead you quickly to discover 16 bananas in various states of disrepair; a single, mouldering kiwi fruit; and a fridge full of dissolving salad.