Translation of mouldy in Spanish:




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    • The earth by the Kramer monument burst asunder, and a bony, decomposing arm, covered with tatters of moldy, worm-eaten cloth, reached out of the ground.
    • Indeed, the only food he could find, and which starvation caused him to digest, was mouldy crusts of bread covered in mouse droppings.
    • Beetles are frequently associated with poultry feed, preferring grain and cereal products that are damp, moldy and slightly out of condition.
    • If a cork seems damp or mouldy at either end, this is not necessarily a sign of any wine fault.
    • We never found out what was causing it, but I rather suspect that the carpets were mouldy from the damp.
    • Others found stale bread or mouldy tomatoes, or items a bit too near their ‘best before’ dates.
    • It's like comparing stale, moldy, rancid bread with soggy, stale, moldy, rancid bread.
    • Severely infected seeds appear shriveled, cracked, and elongated, and may be covered with a white, moldy growth.
    • Jean-Baptiste Canelle, for that was his name, sat behind a table covered with moldy bread crusts, half burned candles, and beer-stains.
    • He saw last weeks left over boiled potatoes, mouldy and covered with small dark flying insects.
    • A white or grayish powdery / moldy growth appears on the foliage, new shoots and buds.
    • At home and in the field, the men around him had often complained of rotten meat and moldy bread.
    • Two large black wings spread to an impressive 20 foot wind-span, the black feathers glistening in the damp, moldy city air.
    • Human exposure to biological contaminants in the air of damp and moldy indoor environments is a challenge for toxicological research and risk assessment.
    • We had to throw out many things which had just gone mouldy in the damp but that has at least meant that we can get to any place within the garage without having to climb over anything.
    • Cool and rainy weather in late spring induced moldy conditions in the cells that caused much larval mortality.
    • That was the last thing I wanted to smell and I emptied my already rather empty stomach onto the damp, moldy floor.
    • She quietly reads a book, oblivious to the great pockmarks of peeling paint and disintegrating plaster of the moldy wall behind her.
    • How can the council say that this family are not a priority when they are living in mouldy, musty, damp conditions with a two-week old baby and a son who has asthma?
    • It's shot in a clunky retro-futurist style, and the director declares himself influenced by Fritz Lang, filling his screen with eerie, gigantic hardware shot in mouldy, decaying, soft-focus sepia.
    • ‘It was damp, it was mouldy, there was only one scrap of curtain,’ she says.