Translation of mound in Spanish:


montículo, n.

Pronunciation /maʊnd//maʊnd/


  • 1

    montículo masculine
    • Chemrey Monastery, in Ladakh, perches at 3000m on a rocky mound among the arid mountain tops of the Himalayas.
    • He noticed Hunter and Brandon heading up a slight incline to the peak of a small mound, and chased after them.
    • I think it all goes back to growing up in Nigeria - one day in mid summer, I climbed up a little hillock, more of a mound, I suppose, to get a better view of a coming thunderstorm.
    • Goff's Caye, a dark green mangrove island a quarter-mile to our south, is only a low mound rising up from the water.
    • Within minutes you will see our first objective, Wath Hill, a grassy mound with a copse.
    • Their mountain is a rather humble affair - more of a mound than a mountain.
    • It bored four holes from the top of the hill to its base to allow sensitive recording equipment to be lowered inside the mound to provide a 3D image of the hill.
    • From that time until he gave up painting in the mid-1990s, the volcanic mounds of Auckland and the blue Waitemata remained a central part of his iconography.
    • We went up and over a rise, and I looked out upon a plain, with three high mounds green with grass before us.
    • On the top of the mound was a worn down cottage of a house, made of wood and braced by a large tree.
    • Jake flipped over and spread his arms across the grassy mound he lay upon.
    • We got out there in a boat and discovered that the fish were congregating in an area which had a large underwater feature, a rocky mound rising up some eight feet above an otherwise featureless lake bed.
  • 2

    túmulo masculine
    • Bishops Cannings farmer Bob Frearson is in the process of putting up fences to prevent 4x4 drivers getting on to his land and using ancient burial mounds, or tumuli, as an off-road assault course.
    • The tumuli, or ancient burial mounds, are obvious enough and we have always been able to work around them.
    • Some of the many points of interest include early features such as burial mounds, stone circles and cairns that mark areas of prehistoric cultivation.
    • Much of the frontier became ‘civilized’ at the cost of shrinking Seminole lands and desecrating Indian burial mounds.
    • The tenuous suggestion that Stonehenge may thus be a sepulchral monument, is perhaps strengthened by the large number of burial mounds in the surrounding landscape.
    • The raiding party had taken with them only the simplest of tools: but as they dug into the mound over the sarcophagus they were soon stopped by the heavy stonework.
    • The new circle is bigger than Seahenge and has been interpreted as the remains of a Bronze Age burial mound.
    • These are burial mounds of Bronze Age date, many from about 2000 BC to 1500 BC and they cluster in their hundreds around the Stonehenge area.
    • The remains of several Neolithic passage graves and over thirty Iron Age burial mounds can also be seen.
    • These bikes uproot heather and, if they run over Iron Age ancient burial mounds, the damage would be irreversible.
    • It will include visiting ancient and powerful local places: ring forts, burial mounds, and megalithic tombs in Roscommon and Sligo.
    • These societies are well known for their funerary ceremonialism, most notably the building of burial mounds.
    • That's why they burned down their straw shelters and left no trace of their dwellings, only their sarcophagi and burial mounds.
    • They knew that a wooded mound nearby hid the legendary tomb of the great emperor and so they thought this, too, was a part of it.
    • When people die, they leave signs of their presence in the world, in the form of their dwelling places, burial mounds, and artefacts, in a word, their archaeology.
    • The oldest known ancient monuments at Coate are the Neolithic Stone Circle and the Bronze age burial mound along Day House Lane.
    • English Heritage is developing a management strategy to restore Bronze Age burial mounds that have been damaged by burrowing badgers and to protect those that remain untouched.
    • Groups of round burial mounds known to archaeologists as barrow cemeteries, often aligned on contours below ridges, are common in Wessex and the Thames valley.
    • Bronze Age burial mounds, Iron Age settlements and the remains of Roman villages could be lost forever unless prompt action is taken to stop our furry friends from wrecking this historic area.
    • Across Britain and Ireland there are thousands of Iron Age barrows and burial mounds, and hundreds of Iron Age hill forts.
    • As with so many Beaker burial sites of this date, the mound was not raised to commemorate a single grave.
    • Before you get carried away with mirth, this is actually a serious situation: the animals are wreaking havoc on Neolithic burial mounds around the famous site.
  • 3pitcher's mound

    (in baseball)
    montículo masculine
    montículo del lanzador masculine
    montículo del pítcher masculine
    • The batter hits a ball toward the mound that the pitcher deflects toward the second baseman.
    • Connie Mack signaled his pitcher off the mound and we all looked toward the bullpen to see who was coming in.
    • He walked right up to me on the pitcher's mound, interrupting a baseball game I was playing with some young boys.
    • Here's a rundown of some of the most glaring failures at bat, in the field, or on the mound in a single World Series.
    • And, he also can take comfort in the fact he's got a pretty smart pitcher on the mound who thrives on mental challenges.
    • The rush I get whenever I step onto the pitcher's mound is just amazing.
  • 4

    montón masculine
    a mound of earth/rubble un montón de tierra/escombros
    • mounds / a mound of ironing montones / un montón de ropa para planchar
    • The mound of dirty clothing just keeps piling up until your hamper is overflowing and a sea of denim, cotton and corduroy forms a carpet on the floor of your bedroom.
    • One day they came upon a mound of millet, along with stores of barley, wheat, and other seeds.
    • The volunteers piled up mounds of rubbish, including old prams, gates and fences and hoped the Council would remove it.
    • Search teams, who had shovels and a few bulldozers, were joined by survivors using their bare hands to tear at the mounds of rubble in the hope of finding anyone alive beneath the ruins.
    • And who are the people most responsible for the mounds of garbage in town?
    • Massive mounds of garbage are piling up along the beaches and roadsides.
    • There was a toppling pile of presents on the dining room table and a mound of pancakes waiting for her.
    • He and his colleagues in the Tadcaster Fraud Squad were confronted with a mound of paperwork, huge piles of loose papers, all of which had to be read and understood.
    • He runs down, only to discover it's a mound of garbage.
    • Mike looked at the mounds of snow he and his father had shoveled.
    • The streets of Bam are still filled with mounds of rubble.
    • It's quite alarming to discover a mound of dirty washing strewn over your kitchen floor when you're least expecting it.
    • Well, try painstaking research, lots of waiting around, mounds of paperwork.
    • Plus, there's a mound of leftover gravel from our deck landscaping project.
    • Various studies say that cities will have dogs so long as they continue to pile up mounds of garbage.
    • In one corner, underneath a mound of empty cardboard boxes I found a large pile of the exquisite light fittings from the Chinese Room.
    • I heard her filling the stove with wood as I shook with cold beneath the mound of blankets.
    • The thief smiled at the small mound of diamonds piled inside.
    • At the morning meal the girls consume a slim helping of porridge before the camera moves behind the screen that separates them from the nuns to reveal the sisters tucking in to slabs of bread and jam, mountains of sausages and mounds of bacon.
    • I was sitting in my office, surrounded by a mound of paperwork.
    • People came and went, and a mound of gifts was slowly piling higher in the halls of the castle.
    • Heavy rain had churned the camp's dirt roads to mud, but failed to drown the smell of rotting corpses that still lie beneath mounds of masonry.
    • The cops fill out a mound of paperwork and call a tow truck.
    • I wondered if they recognized me as the one who is always putting out nuts for them on her bedroom window sill or if they were just chirping at the odd humans moving large mounds of snow?