There are 2 main translations of mount in Spanish

: mount1mount2


montar, v.

Pronunciation /maʊnt//maʊnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (horse/donkey) montar
      (donkey/horse) montarse en
      I mounted my bicycle and rode off (me) monté en / me subí a la bicicleta y salí pedaleando
      • Scores of students were caught on camera mounting their bicycles either without their helmets, with helmets unfastened or casually slung across their handlebars.
      • He handed Alice the message, mounted his horse and rode away.
      • But the 50-year-old maintenance man has to mount his bicycle every day to catch the ferry over to Mull every night, where he lives in a caravan.
      • ‘I will ride ahead,’ he said, mounting his horse, which whinnied and trotted back a few steps.
      • After he mounted the elephant, it refused to cross the Bagmati River on its way into exile.
      • Managing a nervous smile, Alicia wished him good night, mounted her bicycle and rode home, her mind a muddle of happiness and apprehension.
      • Travis mounted his bike and rode down the field towards the path.
      • ‘My grandfather has horses,’ she said simply, easily mounting the mare.
      • And when they mounted their ponies and rode away, we were more alarmed than ever, for we feared they had gone for reinforcements.
      • I stormed out of the house, mounted my bike and rode down to the lake.
      • Lydon deftly mounted the beast and urged her to about face.
      • Each morning the boy watched his father mount his horse and ride away toward the Court of Justice.
      • She mounted her horse and rode away, satisfied with the transaction she'd just made.
      • He quickly mounted his horse and rode off to the shack.
      • Pat offered to drive him to the vicarage and back, but he was adamant in refusal, mounted his bicycle, and pedalled off.
      • Joe offered up a small prayer of gratitude and mounted the pinto mare.
      • The sky is rosy as we mount our bikes and set off down the hill in the bracing cold.
      • I saw Ashton appear late in the day, mounting the horse Adam had prepared for him, and riding off towards the woods.
      • He marched down the front steps and mounted his horse before riding off down the street.
      • Rave saluted the general, mounted his horse and rode back to Fort Nilton.
      • young cyclists mounted their bikes for the British Heart Foundation Junior Charity Bike Ride on Monday, despite the typical Bank Holiday wind and rain.

    • 1.2

      (ladder/stairs) subir
      (platform/throne) subir a
      the car mounted the pavement el coche se subió a la acera
      • Schoolchildren had to jump out of the way after a car mounted a pavement at Market Hill, Maldon, a court heard on Monday.
      • Grazing goats ignore us as we mount the hill toward the church.
      • She was trapped under the wheels of the car which mounted the pavement and pushed her through a fence as she was walking home with her mother.
      • He was alone and heading back to the home of his girlfriend, Charlotte, when the car mounted the verge and hit a tree in the garden of a pair of unoccupied cottages.
      • She watched him mount the ladder and make his way up, then mounted it herself, pulling herself up away from the concrete, rung by rung.
      • Jonathan nodded and began to mount the stairs, feeling his excitement grow with each step.
      • We heard a heavy footfall at the bottom of the stair, but it did not do more than mount the first step.
      • He had decided she must be sleeping in another room and after pulling himself together had mounted the cellar stairs intending to search the rest of the house.
      • It is understood the car mounted a pavement and struck a lamppost but then sped off.
      • After clearing his head he stomped off to the staircase and mounted the stairs to his room.
      • Eight children were injured when a car mounted the pavement in Norwood High Street, after colliding with another vehicle.
      • But then he turned round and mounted the slightly raised platform where the government sits.
      • Then I silently mounted the stairs myself, and crouched two steps from the top to listen.
      • I glanced at Slyder as we mounted the three front steps to the Thawyer residence.
      • She believed people could have been injured or killed had there been anyone in the lounge, or standing on the pavement, when the car mounted the kerb and rammed into the wall.
      • They mounted the stairs behind Eric and Jane, and James noticed that Scarlett was getting paler by the minute.
      • The young woman left badly injured when his car struck her after mounting a central reservation is calling for him to be jailed.
      • The victim was walking along Jubilee Street when the car mounted the pavement, knocking into her and a teenager.
      • Sighing, she shifted her grip on the painting and mounted the stairs.
      • A pensioner was so drunk behind the wheel of his car he twice mounted the kerb and nearly crashed into a pedestrian crossing, a court heard.
      • The car mounted the kerb before striking the sloped wall at Castleyards and coming to rest on its side in Junction Road.
      • You mount the stairs and pass through the long corridor, the walls of which are thickly lined with photographs of the family and an impressive display of weapons.
      • John mounted the stairs to Angela's bedroom, where he once again faced a locked door.
      • Jennifer made it though the door and mounted the spiral staircase within.
      • The two men went through an emergency door to their right, where Lamb mounted a steel ladder and began to climb.
      • Police believe the car skidded out of control on ice, mounted the pavement and hit a dry stone wall before flipping over and throwing the driver from the vehicle.
      • A 22-year-old local man has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after his car mounted the pavement and struck a pedestrian.
      • She was hit by a speeding car which mounted the pavement as she was walking to the shops.
      • The car mounted the kerb on a bend and crossed on to the other side of the road where it hit the Citroen van.
      • His car mounted a steel safety barrier, cleared a wall and struck the porch of the Davis family's home before ending up on the lawn.
      • Thus it was that at 2.00 pm on the 30th January 1649 Charles mounted the execution platform accompanied only by Bishop Juxon.
      • Without forming any kind of back-up plan or even anything resembling thought, I found myself mounting the stairs that lead to my apartment.
      • Slowly, Betty mounted the stairs, feeling as if she were in some sort of horror movie.
      • Tabitha was aware of the change in slope as they mounted the hill, but didn't slow down.
      • I would stop all the lorries thundering through the high street and delivery vans mounting the pavements, blocking shop entrances.
      • Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi quickly mounted the podium to move that the conference reject the resignation.
      • Three people are dead and two schoolgirls are fighting for their lives today after a sports car mounted the pavement and collided with a group of pedestrians.
      • As she was mounting the stairs, keeping a tight hold of the banisters, she realised that there had been five half full cups of tea on the table.
      • Officers were told Jacobson's car had mounted the kerb and it had been swerving before it collided with a lamppost.
      • Carrying a small lantern, she mounted the seventy stairs to her husband's chamber.
      • Travis mounts the stairs hesitantly, leaving Greg and Danielle to sit in silence in the living room.

  • 2

    (gun/picture/telescope) montar
    (stamp/butterfly) fijar
    (gem) engarzar
    (gem) engastar
    (gem) montar
    (specimen) (for the microscope) colocar en el portaobjetos
    • The treated millipedes were then mounted between two glass microscope slides using Euparal mounting medium.
    • Slides were counterstained with hematoxylin, dehydrated, and mounted with glass coverslips.
    • The coverslips were mounted, cell side up, on labelled microscope slides.
    • The root sections were mounted under coverslips using an anti-fade mountant.
    • By adhering to the cover slips during mounting, most of the isolated, two-dimensional fossils were usefully oriented into a single focal plane.
    • Dehydrated flies were mounted for electron microscopy.
    • The stained roots were mounted in lactoglycerol onto microscope slides.
    • Stained and washed cells were maintained on ice until mounted for microscopy.
    • After a final wash, coverslips were mounted in Vectashield mounting medium.
    • The slides were finally mounted with coverslips and coded for analysis to avoid bias.
    • Slides were counterstained with hematoxylin and mounted.
    • Plant tissue samples were placed on cover slips and mounted in water.
    • Stained elements were dehydrated in a graded series of alcohols, cleared in xylene, and mounted in histological resin.
    • Small fragments of liver tissue were placed on slides in a drop of 45% acetic acid, mounted under coverslips and squashed.
    • The sections were mounted, stained with toluidine blue, scanned and photographed under a microscope.
    • Sections were counterstained with hematoxylin and mounted in permanent mounting medium.
    • The coverslip was mounted in Vectashield and viewed under a fluorescence microscope.
    • They were then washed with purified water, allowed to dry and mounted onto microscope slides, cells side up.
    • Slides were washed twice with buffer and mounted for microscopy.
    • The slides were then dehydrated and cleared in graded alcohol and xylene, respectively, and mounted with a coverglass.
  • 3

    (copulate with)
    • A male would sometimes mount a female three or four times in succession.
    • Mating takes place at the surface, often an ungainly procedure involving much rolling about and waving of flippers as the amorous male tries to mount the female.
    • This permits the male to mount her back and attempt copulation by curling his abdomen to clasp her genitalia.
    • When our male cat tries to mount the female, she hisses and scratches and fights him off - does your female fight?
    • When the male mounts the female he will normally grab and hold her rear quarters, his forelegs wrapped around her waist.
    • Copulations in which the male forcefully mounted the female in the absence of female solicitation were regarded as forced.
    • Male seaweed flies, for instance, are more likely to mount females if they have had prior exposure to seaweed.
    • The luckiest male mounts the female and remains in position for many hours, unless another male manages to prise him off by biting and clawing at him.
    • The bull seemed quite comfortable in his new home and promptly mounted one of the females, much to the delight of everyone.
    • Because the male turkeys were so unnaturally bloated they were unable to mount the female turkeys.
    • The males mount the females for one-to two-minute intervals before copulation actually takes place.
    • Both cats growled as the male mounted the great lioness.
    • But the public thought, rightly, that this was plain wrong, in much the same way as your dog attempting to mount your cat is plain wrong.
  • 4

    (prepare, carry out)
    (attack/offensive) preparar
    (offensive/attack) montar
    (campaign/event) organizar
    (campaign/event) montar
    (picket) formar
    (play) montar
    (play) poner en escena
    • However, Luang Prabang is increasing pressure to mount the play during the festival as it has the potential to become a major source of revenue for the city.
    • But as we have demonstrated we will mount checks in the outer areas.
    • Then, in May 1944, German airborne forces mounted a daring raid that came close to capturing Tito.
    • In 1996, the museum mounted an exhibition of the Meyerhoff collection.
    • Residents mounted a campaign against the plans, saying a telecommunications mast would not only spoil the landscape but pose a potential health risk.
    • Unlike theatre, in which most productions are built from scratch, the majority of operas are mounted using rented productions that includes sets, props and costumes.
    • Justice has mounted what looks like a serious antitrust investigation.
    • Mrs Dearnley said parents are mounting a campaign to stop the closure going ahead.
    • Irish artists who have yet to mount a solo exhibition at a recognised art gallery are being given an opportunity to do just that by Sligo Art Gallery.
    • Rochester is banished from the court for writing and mounting a play that ridicules Charles II.
    • Every spring, the museum mounts a festival of short film and videos.
    • Flying supplies and reinforcements into the garrison, Slim mounted an overland campaign that gradually broke through to his besieged forces.
    • It will be the third time that the National Palace Museum has mounted exhibitions in a foreign country.
    • Strict security operations were mounted world-wide in the wake of the attacks.
    • A heavy security operation will be mounted this week when Prince Charles visits the country.
    • Sligo Art Gallery will mount an exhibition of new work by well known Sligo artist Audrey Irwin.
    • Identity cards would also bring to an end the ludicrously haphazard methods that individual organisations now employ to mount their own security checks.
    • Race organizers have since mounted an educational campaign to warn runners about the dangers of excessive drinking.
    • The three main unions are mounting a joint campaign for a 35-hour week, with ballots to follow.
    • I suggest he mounts a poster campaign of his own.
    • The World Health Organisation is mounting a campaign to eradicate the wild polio virus from the world by 2005.
    • Green Party's Mary White will also mount a strong challenge for the final seat here.
    • Meanwhile six fans were arrested in Bristol after police mounted an operation to contain violence.
    • The Factory Theatre Artistic Director has mounted more than 30 productions throughout his career and knows a thing or two about staging a play.
    • If enough information can be found, the museum hopes to mount an exhibition.
    • The event being mounted in Boston is a media spectacle devoid of any real debate or struggle.
    • It is the latest in a series of major international exhibitions mounted by the Kerry Museum in recent years.
    • Did you feel that, whatever the drawbacks, it was still important to mount an Asian play on Broadway?
    • Welcome to Sanctuary, the most moving and I would predict successful exhibition ever mounted by Glasgow's Museum of Modern Art.
    • No war was ever fought without casualties and no military operation was ever mounted without self-inflicted tactical errors.
    • The World Health Organization has mounted emergency immunization campaigns for cholera, measles and polio to try to head off the worst effects of these diseases in Darfur.
    • Cotswold police are mounting a major offensive against violent crime in the run-up to Christmas.
    • A security operation was mounted outside schools to protect teachers and pupils.
    • This was an outstanding instance of a private commercial gallery mounting a museum-quality exhibition of a great modernist artist.
    • Lesley has been impressed by the all-inclusive attitude to mounting a play at the theatre.
    • This newspaper understands that the government is already preparing to mount a campaign to soften up the public in advance of the referendum campaign.
    • Police have mounted a major operation to thwart any security threat to the Games.
    • Palestinian Interior Ministry spokesman Tawfiq Abu Khoussa said Palestinian security forces had mounted a search for them.
    • The fact that the Prime Minister himself is said to have strong-armed London's museums into mounting the festival does not make it inevitable that it will be lousy.
    • Saintfield residents have mounted a campaign to block plans for two proposed housing developments in the town.
    • In addition, special exhibitions were mounted in some twenty institutions in New York City.
    • To combat this alarming trend, teams of uniformed officers have started mounting random checks on motorists on the main routes in and around York and Selby.
    • Why then do we continue to mount these plays, so often and with such virtuous resolve?
    • Yet it has recently staged four plays about the 20th century, runs a host of youth and community schemes and is now mounting the first play about foot-and-mouth.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(increase, grow)

      (temperature/cost) subir
      (cost/temperature) elevarse formal
      (alarm/excitement/hostility) crecer
      (alarm/hostility/excitement) aumentar
      • Preparations are underway and excitement is mounting as the children of the Village Montessori Pre-School are getting ready for their Christmas outing.
      • With planning guidelines requiring that a survey be carried out and the cost be borne by the developer before any permission is given, the costs can quickly mount up.
      • It's astonishing how, when you take yourself out of circulation for a couple of days to nurse a chill, things mount up.
      • One leading business expert in Hampshire, who is not being named, explained how companies are able to allow such huge debts to mount up.
      • However, as anger mounted in the schools and opposition politicians intensified their criticism, there were calls for major protests.
      • The latter can quickly mount up to more than €1,000, particularly if your child goes on one or more foreign school trips per year.
      • Community fears are mounting over the proposed foreshore redevelopment and port enhancement.
      • A penny here and a penny there can soon mount up to a small fortune.
      • Despite impressive security measures, fear is mounting, and not just among tenants.
      • The excitement is mounting, particularly after a couple of signs appeared in the shop window anticipating the event.
      • As the murders mount up, the Minneapolis cops swing into action.
      • Frustration is mounting among local skaters as facilities at Five Dock Park fall into disrepair and council promises to upgrade them go unfulfilled.
      • People think they will just pay the minimum payment but then the charges soon begin to mount up.
      • As disposable nappies mount up in landfill sites, and new research questions their suitability for babies in the first place, Rob Edwards considers the alternatives.
      • If the school has a long list of uniform requirements the costs can mount up rapidly, particularly as the child might quickly grow out of an expensive blazer or need new sports shoes.
      • Every time Washington vetoes a UN Security Council resolution seeking justice for the Palestinians, Arab anger mounts against the US.
      • Excitement mounts as the magic figure of 235 draws near.
      • Fears are mounting over the future of sport on the south bank of the Humber after it emerged that one of the area's biggest sports centres may have to close.
      • A takeaway meal for two can easily cost £20 or more so indulging in one of those every week can soon mount up.
      • Airlines charge a percentage of the first-class fare per kilo of any overweight items and the cost of travelling with a 3kg lamp can soon mount up.
      • With the grand opening next month, excitement is mounting in what looks set to be a valuable community facility.
      • All kinds of obstacles and difficulties can mount up, culminating in hopelessness.
      • Once the points mount up, you will get invitations to other areas of the city where you will have to do the same thing.
      • Over a year this could mount up to an extra 3-4Kg of fat.
      • Step one - Don't throw away your empty cigarette boxes, keep them and let them mount up.
      • Mitch looked up at Zach in disbelief, anger mounting.
      • This can mount up very quickly if not spotted, and leave a farmer in serious financial difficulties.
      • Also watch out for extra costs, as these quickly mount up: our hot buffet breakfast, which was nothing special, came to an eye-watering £40 for two.
      • Italy's churches draw millions of visitors each year and anger is mounting over how some mistreat the nation's religious heritage.
      • As in every town and village in Mayo excitement is mounting in Kiltimagh in the lead up to the All Ireland Football Final next Sunday.
      • The speed with which penalties mount up actually works against the reduction of outstanding debt.
      • Wait any longer and the fines really begin to mount up - a £60-a-day additional penalty has been threatened this year!
      • Her jealously and frustration mounting, Tessa interrupted once more.
      • And excitement is mounting among those travelling back to Mayo for what should be a memorable few days.
      • Excitement is mounting in Bofield and surrounding areas as everyone looks forward to January 1, 2003.
      • It's the fourth such event and the excitement is mounting.
      • And problems continued to mount up from abroad as well.
      • The astronomical interest rates charged by some credit card and loan companies and the financial pressures of modern living mean debts can mount up at an all-too-alarming rate.
      • The excitement was mounting as the day drew near.
      • If you have let debts mount up on an array of cards, the solution is to switch to a lower rate credit card.
      • On a different note, fears were mounting in the county that Tralee General Hospital could be facing possible downgrading and a loss of vital services under a radical new health service report.
      • Excitement is mounting at a Canvey school as pupils prepare for an appearance on TV.

    • 1.2mounting present participle

      (expenditure/cost) cada vez mayor
      (cost/expenditure) creciente
      amidst mounting speculation en medio de crecientes rumores

  • 2

    (climb onto horse)
  • 3literary

    ascender formal
    as we mounted higher a medida que subíamos


  • 1

    • 1.1(horse, donkey)

      montura feminine
      monta feminine
      • They quickly jumped on their mounts and rode out of the city, not looking back until they had safely reached the ridge.
      • He turned his mount back to the city and galloped away.
      • Margie Engle was riding her Sydney Olympic mount, Hidden Creek's Perin.
      • Pia has had her mount longer than any of her team mates, and that relationship served the pair well throughout the team competition.
      • When the gap came, Fallon guided his mount through and the horse accelerated well to the line.
      • Rider Pablo Morales was also unseated when his mount Pavlina fell over Happy Face.
      • As they drew closer, he could see the rider huddled over the neck of his mount.
      • I relished each snort and stomp from our mounts as we rode along the grey dusty road.
      • Though she was confident in her mount's abilities, she says bringing home the gold was a surprise.
      • Living amidst the harsh steppes had bred hardy riders as well as mounts - horses that were said to be able to outrun the wind itself.
      • I landed on my feet and calmed my mount, trying to lead her forward.
      • Hoke turned his mount and rode back to find the others.
      • During his surveying days, he used to pick up mounts from livery stables owned by Ernest and Emma Julian.
      • The five of them dug their heels into the flanks of their mounts.
      • Madden and her new mount Conquest II topped the field of 63 horses in the one-round speed event.
      • Some soldiers had saved their mounts by hiding them on farms; other horses had been sequestered in countries far and wide.
      • He took the class lead when he rode his mount, Éclair, to a penalty-free ride in 54.582 seconds.
      • Her mount bolted, unseating her but her foot was entangled in a stirrup.
      • They were prized as racing and riding mounts for warriors and tribal leaders.
      • Theroux hung back, keeping the reins tight in his hands, and his mount at a slow trot.

    • 1.2(ride)

      monta feminine
      • Albarado entered Thursday in second place on Keeneland Race Course's jockey standings with 11 wins from 60 mounts.
      • He could achieve his goal on Sunday; he is set to ride seven mounts on the nine race card at the Northern California oval.
      • Win's Fair Lady is trained by Bobby Barbara and jockey Richard Migliore has the mount.
      • Jockey John Velazquez has the mount on the half brother to Group 1 winner Sophisticat in the one-mile event, carded as the fifth race.
      • With 112 wins from 407 mounts, Clifton Berry finished atop the jockey standings.
      • His 53 wins from 155 mounts earned him the leading jockey title.
      • Ricky Frazier won the riding title with 109 wins, and his 555 mounts earned $1,208,018.
      • Arroyo has ridden 124 winners this year from 1,001 mounts.
      • Richard Hughes picks up the mount after jockey Olivier Peslier was injured this week.
      • Ben Russell finished second in the jockey standings with 100 wins from 445 mounts.
      • Jockey Frankie Dettori will have the mount aboard the three-year-old Kentucky-bred son of Wild Rush.
      • Pedro Alvarado won the jockey title with 122 wins from 576 mounts, which earned $1,806,064 in purses.
      • Jockey Alan Daly, who did ride on Saturday, picked up two mounts on horses that other jockeys had refused to ride in protest of the low purses.
      • Norman also said New York-based jockey Edgar Prado will come in for the mount replacing regular rider Jamie Theriot.
      • Jimmy Quinn, his usual jockey, takes the mount.
      • He is named on two mounts on Thursday at Churchill and is scheduled to ride during the Ellis Park meeting, which begins on July 12.
      • Kieren Fallon, Sir Michael's number-one jockey, takes the mount on both runners.
      • Officials from the track contacted jockeys later that evening to determine who would accept mounts at Tuesday's draw for Thursday's races.
      • For Dos Ramos, the victory made up for a day of hard luck, as the jockey lost all three of his regularly scheduled mounts on the card due to scratches.
      • Jockey Travis Dunkelberger enjoyed a record afternoon on Wednesday at Timonium when he rode seven winners from nine mounts.
      • Maryland-based jockey Ramon Dominguez will retain the mount.
      • French champion jockey Dominique Boeuf won the challenge with two winning mounts.
      • Regular jockey Jeremy Rose has the mount on Afleet Alex in the Juvenile and the pair will start from post three in the field of eight.

  • 2

    • 2.1(for machine, lathe, gun)

      soporte masculine
      • These aircraft had larger freight doors and were fitted with the necessary camera mounts and photo ports.
      • What he can do is check or even replace your motor mounts.
      • She designed a camera mount to be attached to her wheelchair that makes it possible for her to return to work.
      • For example, the Gibbs team used to make motor mounts by hand out of steel.
      • Again, we'll be looking at the engines, looking at the engine mounts.
      • The pump comes with a mount, making mounting the pump on the bike possible.
      • The vehicles will also be fitted with equipment required for deployed operations such as radio mounts, weapon racks, storage space for webbing and armour.
      • The company specialises in the supply of professional television and video camera mounts.
      • The large fallen box structure with a post sticking out to starboard is the gun mount.
      • Grade 45 steel is used on the front shock mounts, and parts of the front bulkhead, front subframe mounts, and rear structure.
      • The mounts are available through your local hardware stores.
      • Place the front and rear base mounts in their proper place on the receiver.
      • Drives can be installed in the rack mount using pins and compression clips.
      • While in Germany, many of the original brackets and mounts were stripped out and thrown away.
      • Dad relented and soon I had a set of shiny new see-through scope mounts on my rifle.
      • Also, many times gilt bronze mounts were added in the 19th century.
      • Jonah rigged up a narrow plywood sheet with screws threaded in at various points; it's now our camera mount and steadicam in one.
      • He'll have mounts available and will help you work out the perfect setup for your glider and camera.
      • This of course requires adequate stabilization of the camera and its mount.
      • This might necessitate a steel reinforcing plate in the cargo bed to support the mount, but this would provide additional mine protection.
      • He takes a piece of soft plastic and replaces the rubber mount.
      • The eyepiece is quickly and easily affixed with a three point bayonet mount.

    • 2.2(for photograph, picture)

      (surround) paspartú masculine
      (surround) maríaluisa feminine Mexico
      (backing) fondo masculine
      (for slide) marco masculine
      • Daguerre even handwrote an inscription to Cailleux on the back of the mount.
      • Deep, wide mounts and frames give a work of art a gravitas that clip frames never manage.
      • Tasteful engraving highlighted these silver mounts and inlays, as well as the case-hardened lock.
      • It is inscribed, signed and dated by the photographer in pencil on the mount.
      • He also employed Galle to regild the mounts with matt gilding.
      • The bottom shows uranyl-acetate-stained whole mounts of gonococci.
      • The medical technologist prepared a wet mount of the specimen to determine if an adequate number of columnar epithelial cells were present.
      • One meter by one and a half: those were the largest sheets of cardboard you could buy, and we used them for the mounts.
      • All other specimens were tested using whole mounts, not sections.
      • Purkinje was the first to make glass slide mounts with Canada balsam.
      • Spores may be demonstrated by phase-contrast microscopy of wet mounts, where they appear mature and retractile.
      • The printed paper sheets were pasted onto canvas mounts for display.
      • The auction catalog described the ring as being an emerald-cut diamond of approximately 9.10 carats on a platinum mount, flanked by two baguette diamonds.
      • The museum used patterned mounts instead of wood or paper.
      • Each specimen was also examined microscopically as a wet mount.
      • Ever resourceful, the Duchess commanded her dealer to take photographs of the paintings of the same size and place them in their original mounts and frames.
      • The total price is £55 approx per map (£15 + for the mount, the rest on the frame).
      • Ms Laubin began by carefully removing the old frames and mounts (the acidic nature of the mounts had caused a colour change in the watercolours).
      • Bacterial cell morphology was examined using transmission electron microscopy of thin sections and whole mounts of gonococci.
      • These are fourteen-by-seventeen-inch platinum prints, each in art deco mounts and signed by Curtis.
      • By far the two most often used materials for mounts are wood and acrylic blocks.
      • When starting out as a small business, it may be best to buy cases and mounts from a local arts and crafts store.

    • 2.3(for stamp)

      fijasellos masculine
      bisagra feminine

    • 2.4(for jewel)

      montura feminine
      engarce masculine
      engaste masculine

    • 2.5(microscope slide)

      portaobjetos masculine

There are 2 main translations of mount in Spanish

: mount1mount2


monte, n.

Pronunciation /maʊnt//maʊnt/



  • 1

    monte masculine
    the Sermon on the Mount el sermón de la montaña
    • the Mount of Olives el Monte de los Olivos
    • The small isle of St. Michael's Mount, accessible by foot when the tide is out, has been home to a priory, castle and stately home.
    • How wonderful, therefore, to see water lapping against the foot of the mount at Clifford's Tower, just as its builders intended.
    • Yet the Jewish people were not permitted to stay there for more than a short while, and the mount was never given significance as a holy site.
    • The special status of Mount Everest was confirmed back in 1852, when the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India determined that Everest (or Peak XV, as it was known then) was indeed the highest mountain in the world.