Translation of mountebank in Spanish:


embaucador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmaʊntɪbaŋk//ˈmaʊn(t)əˌbæŋk/



  • 1

    embaucador masculine
    embaucadora feminine
    charlatán masculine
    charlatana feminine
    • A lifestyle guru is a modern sort of mountebank, selling quack advice instead of false medicines.
    • Additional evidence indicates that it was a term used among medical mountebanks in Tudor times.
    • The word toady comes from ‘toad-eater’: a quack's or mountebank's assistant who would eat, or pretend to eat, a toad so he could be cured by the medicine man.
    • There had always been mountebanks and charlatans operating in the public squares, but they now dominated the marketplace.
    • Whitman, so deeply sensuous that his poetry has the emotive compulsion of the fairground mountebank, was famous enough to be used in advertisements.