Translation of mourn in Spanish:


llorar, v.

Pronunciation /mɔːn//mɔrn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tragedy/loss) llorar
    (tragedy/loss) lamentar
    she is still mourning him/his death todavía lo llora/llora su muerte
    • I've always bemoaned these losses, but never exactly mourned the loss of a station.
    • The nation continues to mourn the loss of the Community Police as a functioning unit.
    • Although most individuals did not mourn its disappearance, there were some that did.
    • Classical musicians are mourning the demise of the country's last radio orchestra, set to disband in November after championing the works of Canadian composers for 70 years and producing award-winning recordings.
    • However, Kalaimani, unshaven and unkempt, mourning the loss of his boats had to be convinced to forget the dowry amount and encouraged to go ahead with the wedding.
    • They say they will be mourning the loss of patient choice, two doctors and a nurse, mobile telephone access to a doctor and the surgery's support team.
    • Jillian admitted that she still mourns the loss of her first true love.
    • I don't think we should mourn the demise of our deeply-flawed nations.
    • The pub trade in York is now mourning the loss of a good licensing officer who bitterly regrets the part he played in his own downfall.
    • Kafka was supposedly mourning the loss of spirituality and mysticism in the modern age - so perhaps he would have been heartened by Blaine's revival of public interest in the art.
    • Either that or he was seriously mourning the loss of his bed.
    • While the mother mourns the loss of her obedient daughter, the daughter longs for recognition of her new thoughts and independent identity.
    • But are the city's chocolate fans mourning their loss or looking forward to enjoying the newly-packed sweets?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to mourn for sb llorar a algn
    • she is still mourning for the countryside sigue añorando el campo
    • to mourn over sth llorar algo