Translation of mouse in Spanish:


ratón, n.

Pronunciation /maʊs//maʊs/

nounPlural mice

  • 1

    • 1.1(animal)

      ratón masculine
      laucha feminine Southern Cone
      • Most people are familiar with mice, rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, which are commonly kept as pets.
      • Experiments revealed the same cells that have also been discovered in rats, gophers, gerbils, mice, and hamsters.
      • The most common bird of prey is the kestrel, which feeds chiefly on rodents such as mice and voles but will occasionally take small birds, beetles, small frogs, etc.
      • Other animals such as horses, rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds can also trigger allergies.
      • In gerbils, hamsters and mice, the urine contains allergens.
      • Other animals found nearby included two extinct species of vole - a small rodent resembling a mouse - that were used to date the site.
      • These fledgling wild barn owls wait in their man-made nest box for their parents to deliver a meal of mice or other rodents.
      • In the primate line, humans and macaques were compared; in the rodent line, mice and rats were compared.
      • The scientists will then take a small piece of tissue from the tail tip of the mice to examine the structure of the genome.
      • While most of us are all too willing to cuddle guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, pet mice and even ferrets, brown rats produce a reaction of almost universal revulsion.
      • As with most small cat species, the diet of wild cats, or domestic cats, is mainly made up of small rodents, such as mice and rats.
      • They play a very important role in controlling the populations of destructive rodents such as mice and rats, their preferred and primary food items.
      • I'll hold the mouse up by its tail like this while it grips onto the cage with its front legs.
      • Some ermine appropriate the burrows of mice or ground squirrels and adapt them for their own use.
      • He says that, unlike rats and mice, the rodents give birth to only one offspring at a time, so a precautionary approach should be taken toward their conservation.
      • Small rodents, such as hamsters, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and rabbits, do not typically carry rabies.
      • If you see any mice, rodents or other potential carriers of those dangerous fleas, kill them immediately.
      • Not only humans and monkeys but also mice and rats show large individual differences in terms of voluntary ethanol intake.
      • Their principle source of food is mice, but squirrels, snowshoe hares, and pikas are also popular.
      • Despite their resemblance to rodents, bats are not closely related to mice at all.
      • Small mammals, especially rodents such as voles, pocket gophers, and mice make up most of the Great Gray Owl's diet.
      • Within eight weeks the handful of rodents had become 60 mice and 12 rats - and the owner had no choice but to call the RSPCA.

    • 1.2(timid person)

      timorato masculine
      timorata feminine
      • Renziehausen is a quiet, meek mouse of a soldier with no backbone, and York's performance suggests these qualities very nicely.
      • The Warren brothers snickered, amused by the sight of their strict teacher suddenly turned into a timid mouse.
      • If you are a quiet mouse you can never become a social butterfly.
      • It was Emma, the quiet mouse from the lunch table who, lately, had been looking slimmer and more awake than usual.

  • 2

    ratón masculine
    before noun mouse button botón del ratón masculine
    • mouse click clic del ratón
    • mouse pointer puntero del ratón
    • The icon box can be resized by holding down the ALT key and clicking the middle mouse button - not intuitive, but easy enough once you know what to do.
    • Most Web browsers change the mouse cursor when the mouse is over a clickable target.
    • If you don't see a toolbar in the upper-right corner, either move your mouse across the screen or hit the TAB key.
    • That's right - there was no need to reach for cursor keys, function keys or a mouse to move the cursor or execute a command.
    • Move your mouse over the menu button on the lower right icon and ancillary menu functions will scroll up.
    • To move your mouse cursor using a touch pad, you simply glide your finger along the touch pad's surface.
    • Most people use a computer by moving a mouse, which directs a cursor around on the machine's screen.
    • He reached past me and moved the mouse taking the screen saver off.
    • You have to click the computer mouse when you spot one.
    • She moved the mouse on her computer and waited while the screensaver disappeared and her work popped back up on the screen.
    • I blinked and moved the mouse around the computer screen, clicking on the Internet icon.
    • I sat down at the computer, moved the mouse and opened a browser and typed in my hacker's URL.
    • In most cases, if you point to the icon for your antivirus and click the right mouse button, a menu will pop up with an update option.
    • Optical mouses, while still a big improvement over older trackball models, often get confused on patterned surfaces and do not work well on metal or glossy tabletops.
    • At the show, Tatung is showcasing plasma and liquid-crystal displays, MP3 players, high performance blade servers, tablet PCs and wireless mouses.
    • Drivers are judged by how quickly they spot the danger and click their computer mouse.
    • When moving the mouse or pressing the buttons or keys, it prints information about the action.
    • I think that ergonomic mouses place more of a strain on my hand than well-designed symmetrical ones, because the former type force me to keep my hand in the same position on the mouse by the very shape of it.
    • Researchers at the Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute in Montreal asked more than 25 volunteers to switch their mouses to the left side of their computer for a month.
    • The company has also recently moved into the optical mouse sector.
    • It's accomplished by clicking two buttons and moving the mouse up, down, or sideways.
    • When I move the mouse, the screen comes to life, offering me a choice between Staff Login and Internet Explorer.
    • Finally the computer screen flickered to life. She moved the mouse around and clicked the Internet icon.

intransitive verb

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    to go mousing (ir a) cazar ratones
    • I'm not sure what the cats will make of them - that field is Faber's main area for mousing and Sorley seems to go in there quite a bit too.