Translation of movement in Spanish:


movimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmuːvm(ə)nt//ˈmuvmənt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(motion)

      movimiento masculine
      • He's getting much better late movement on his fastball and slider.
      • The ball is lifted from the ground by means of a cue furnished with an iron ring at one end, and propelled or thrown forward by a simple movement of the arm.
      • I was shaking while I took deep breaths trying to control every movement of my body.
      • The free movement of capital and labour have to be politically defined and legally regulated.
      • Their footsteps and body movements create an epic sight and sound emanating from the stage.
      • Claire put her hands on his chest and they kissed, the movement making her body fall full against his.
      • And media consultants can track the eye movements of people who are watching TV commercials.
      • Whether she is right in urging sharp, jerky movements in gymnastics is debatable.
      • The road was bumpy, as if sending her heart into jerky movements too.
      • And in the slightest of movements, she kissed him back.
      • His sudden, jerky movements caused the vampire to fall off of him.
      • Henry hesitantly stepped towards the gray horse, which made no movements except a slight turn of its head.
      • I support the free movement of capital but not the free movement of labour.
      • So what do their expressions, hand gestures, body movements and speech say about what they're really thinking and feeling?
      • All the effort she had went into a few simple movements: turning her head, reaching out her arm, and yet she still felt completely exhausted afterwards.
      • According to one model the forward movement is driven randomly by thermal energy.
      • Slight movements of hands or feet among the audience are tell-tale signs that the listeners' attention has been lost.
      • In the first act, the dancers' movements are slow, calculated.
      • I noticed her slight body movements to approach her shoulder bag.
      • Again include exercises that mimic the movements associated with skiing.

    • 1.2(action, gesture)

      movimiento masculine
      (with the hand) ademán masculine
      there was a sudden movement in the bushes de repente algo se movió entre los arbustos

    • 1.3(change)

      (of position) movimiento masculine
      (in opinion) giro masculine
      a forward movement, a movement forward un movimiento hacia adelante
      • she made a quick movement sideways se echó a un lado rápidamente
      • there was a general movement toward the exit todo el mundo se fue hacia la salida
      • troop movements movimientos de tropas
      • Characters in a story operate to make the story's movement visible and concrete, in a way that engages a reader's interest.
      • There was a general sense of movement toward waking now.
      • But the language and movement of the poem also emphasize that if the speaker is on a journey, his destination is quite unknown.

    • 1.4movements plural(activities, whereabouts)

      desplazamientos masculine
      movimientos masculine
      • It's incredible but they are not only freer in how they dress, but also in their activities and movements.
      • We disarm them, we restrain them, we closely monitor and control their movements and activities.
      • Parents will track the movements and activities of their children.
      • Recent NY Times piece about the use of cell phones and other wireless devices to track people's movements and whereabouts.
      • Mapping provided us with written snapshots of the movements and activities of drug users throughout the community in time and space.
      • Handlers passed documents and photographs to their agents operating within paramilitary groups detailing targets' movements and the whereabouts of their homes.
      • It imposed a blanket ban on the publication of any information relating to her whereabouts, appearance and movements in light of ‘clear evidence’ of threats to her life.
      • There is evidence of mine clearing activities, movements of soldiers, bunkers around buildings and military pillboxes perched on the tops of hills.
      • Talks are under way to let the Scottish Prison Service access and contribute information to a powerful intelligence database on the movements and activities of the country's criminals.
      • The Chief Superintendent urged everyone in Glasgow to notify the police about the movements of party activists over the coming week.
      • Players' movements and activities are so closely monitored that it is hard for anyone to approach or speak to the players, leave alone attempt to fix matches.
      • Her reaction upon reading of his alleged mayhem was to chart his movements over the period of days in question.
      • The trade winds affect the movements and activities of Torres islanders in various important ways.
      • I added that I could also envision a scenario in which the government might ask us to curtail our movements for a given period of time.
      • The investigation quite early led us to have concerns about the movements and activities of four men, three of whom came from the West Yorkshire area.
      • In 1983, further restrictions were placed on the movements and activities of foreign journalists.
      • Not only are our activities and movements controlled, but now our very facial expressions have been deemed dangerous.
      • But having said that, I was fascinated by this very detailed rundown of his movements and whereabouts on the day of the attacks.
      • Exert a strict control on the movements and activities made by the mentioned organisations.
      • The talks revolve around whether to grant them refugee status and over how to restrict their movements and activities in Europe.

    • 1.5(animation, activity)

      movimiento masculine
      (in stock market) actividad feminine
      • After breakfast, the Menen is bustling with activity and movement.
      • After what felt like an eternity there was a sudden burst of movement and frantic activity as the car sped around the corner and back into the car park.
      • Without context we end up on a merry-go-round of activity and movement that never seems to get us to where we want to be.
      • By day the main paved road seems to buzz with the constant activity and movement of people, vehicles and livestock.
      • It was so creepy not seeing anyone at the airport, which is usually bustling with movement at this time.
      • The large city bustled with movement, and it seemed everyone was in a hurry to get on with their lives.
      • The tavern was lively, bustling with movement and much drinking.

  • 2

    • 2.1(transportation)

      movimiento masculine

    • 2.2(travel)

      desplazamiento masculine

  • 3

    Politics Religion Art
    movimiento masculine
    the movement for reform is gaining ground el movimiento pro-reforma está ganando terreno
    • Here in Maine we have done some great steps putting labor and progressive movement groups together.
    • King's civil rights movement had begun to challenge the deep racism in the South in the mid-1950s.
    • Our political and social liberation movements need to regain the initiative.
    • Secondly, the movement against corporate globalisation has changed the language of politics.
    • Internationalism is at the heart of the anti-capitalist, anti-war movement.
    • We in the movements against globalisation and imperialist war are those 'other people'.
    • We want a dynamic, well-organised, well-connected international movement against imperialist globalisation.
    • Initially youths joined the separatist movement out of altruistic reasons to save their group identity from being eclipsed.
    • And he's spearheading a mental ecology movement to do something about it.
    • He doesn't hand in his badge and join the movement for change; he robs a bank.
    • Salgado considers himself part of the anti-globalisation protest movement and believes that people misunderstand migrants.
    • The formerly autonomous labor union movement has now essentially been coopted.
    • They are the most likely to lead any movement for change.
    • So we must begin globalizing a nonviolent movement to end the poisoning of Mother Earth.
    • The movement against war must unite workers of all nations against the common enemy.
    • There is a movement afoot to release movies to both theaters and DVD at the same time.
    • Both reject the possibility of developing an independent revolutionary socialist movement, based on this class.
    • Action is needed throughout the labour and trade union movement in this country.
    • Yet some have called for a consumer movement to tell the operators ‘enough is enough’.
    • Her arrest helped spark the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, and she became a household name.
    • The capitalist system is capable of extreme violence even when the workers' movement is not challenging it.
    • What's more important right now for the embattled labor movement, politics or organizing?
    • * Why is the upliftment of the trade union movement in developing countries often such a painfully slow process?
    • It should be a source of optimism for us all that even at an early stage of the crisis, there is a substantial opposition movement to war.
    • Maxi, you've consistently supported the movement against the war.
    • The marchers join a swelling youth protest movement as many face a bleak future.
    • The critical question remains the building of a mass socialist movement of the working class.
    • In the end King Birendra resisted the hard line and conceded before the massive peoples' movement for democracy.
    • We ended up spending an hour fuming over the new government movement to bring down university student representative groups.
    • The nude peace protest movement continues to gain momentum.
    • Yorkshire campaigners behind a national movement to help thyroid sufferers want to set up shop in York.
    • The women's liberation movement challenged both the structure of Australian society and women's roles and personal relationships.
    • For 35 years, he has sustained one of the most effective citizen's movements in our history.
    • The cause of gender equality was advanced by the women's movement of the 1960s.
    • Zarqawi leads a social movement of several hundred persons, if he exists at all.
    • What is remarkable about workers' movements throughout history is how peaceful they have been.
    • We will continue to build the anti-war movement against US imperialism.
    • This week, residents begin their own Minuteman movement to rid their city of illegal alien workers.
    • That sense of vulnerability inspired a social and political reform movement.
    • I'm trying to build a progressive political reform movement.
  • 4bowel movement

    deposición feminine formal
    to have a movement evacuar / mover el vientre formal
    • If you don't have at least 1 bowel movement per day, you are already walking your way toward disease.
    • As a general rule, a healthy colon produces two movements a day.
    • The urge came and went a few times until I experienced a more intense cramp that resulted in my first movement of the day.
  • 5

    (of clock, watch)
    mecanismo masculine
    • Meanwhile, clock movements improved in design and manufacture.
    • In his 80s he was repairing the finest of watch movements, making electrical and electronic clocks, and rebuilding mechanical ones.
    • Although one finds some identical movements in clocks by a given Roxbury maker, one also finds identical movements in clocks by different Roxbury makers.
    • Watch movements should not be handled by anyone who is not prepared to repair it or pay a trained professional to find and fix the problem.
    • Mechanical watch movements require cleaning and lubricating once in 3-5 years.
  • 6

    movimiento masculine
    • Shostakovich's slow movements always represent the composer at his most eloquent and deeply personal.
    • Only the bass line and six bars of melody had survived, possibly from the slow movement of a Trio Sonata.
    • The rapturous love music of the first movement is worthy of Wagner or Strauss.
    • The first movement changes views and tempi in what seems like every few bars or so.
    • Bruch's violin concerto was on, and it took me the entire first movement to assemble the thing.