Translation of mover in Spanish:


ponente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmuvər//ˈmuːvə/


  • 1

    (in debate)
    ponente masculine
    • To cap it all, a mover of one of the 13 composited motions, one Clair Wilcox from Streatham CLP, withdrew her motion in favour of a call for unity.
    • I also congratulate the mover and the seconder of this debate on their speeches and, in advance, congratulate all other speakers who will make their maiden speeches in the course of this debate.
    • I think it would be useful, and I so seek leave, for the Chair to recognise the mover of the bill so that we can all know exactly what it is all about.
    • When the annexation of Belgium was decreed on 1 October 1795 the mover of the proposal, Merlin de Douai, also recommended the annexation of the entire left bank of the Rhine.
    • I would certainly like to see an opportunity for at least the movers of each motion to address, for 5 minutes between each vote, the purpose of their motions.
    • Everyone, including the movers of the motions, was taken aback by the vote at April's conference of the AUT lecturers' union to boycott certain universities.
    • The mover of the motion in his right of reply referred to me as a " neo-fascist pig"!
    • Then there was the sneaky dirty trick of introducing a bill that even the mover says is near identical.
    • Private member's bills get priority over other pieces of private member's business, and at this stage the mover of the bill gets to speak on their legislation for five minutes, but that's it.
    • I see that Senator Missen was the mover of this motion.
    • Matt Wrack, mover of the successful democratisation of the political fund resolution at the firefighters' FBU conference last year, has agreed to write a pamphlet on the issue for the alliance.
    • McCague argues that the wording was not in order but surely it's the job of the Executive to provide the mover of the motion with some guidance.
    • In the same way, I understand, the procedure at the moment is that other members can sign, for example, the cover sheet for a member's bill without the actual mover of that bill needing to sign it.
  • 2informal

    (in dancing)
    he's/she's a clumsy mover tiene muy poco garbo
    • On balance, more of those interregional movers decide to leave the Northeast and Midwest than move to those regions.
    • Most successful defensive pairings include a puck mover and a stay-at-home guy.
    • The defensive corps also needed a puck mover.
    • Whenever he's out of nick he fidgets and loses balance, and his feet, minimal movers at the best of times, become rooted to the crease.
    • Other movers on the day included Ryanair Holdings, which shed 20 cents to close at 1210.
    • Forty-seven percent of movers with a college degree moved to a new county, either within the same state or in another state, compared with 34 percent of those with less than a high school education who did so.
    • Other movers included C & C, who ended the session 7c to the good.
    • All of the troupe's performers are confident movers, easily fitting into the thrum of the house music score.
    • The ballet company has beautiful movers who perform the classics very well indeed, but I strongly recommend you see them dance in a different context too - they're really great!
    • Intellectual debate is one of the primary movers of the world.
    • The better players will get a longer run; better fielders will replace the slow movers.
    • Keyan had also found that the hallways inside the complex were lined with motion and sound sensors, but these were spaced just far enough apart to allow a careful and silent mover to go between them.
    • Hertford were the biggest movers of the top women's crew, moving from 4th in division to 11th in division.
    • There is no place in the game for a slow mover or an ordinary fielder".
    • Hutchinson also produces wheels and runflats for special purpose vehicles, such as cash movers and executive security vehicles.
    • Moutan is also said to move the blood, thus this formula contains two blood movers.
    • He's not a mover like his brother - his brother moves extremely well.
    • He has always been a very good-looking horse and a lovely mover.
    • Bounding on stage to a driving soundtrack, Michel, an excellent mover, shared a dynamic performance and showcased precision in her creative sequences.
    • Hand-me-down history usually points to mobsters as the primary movers of illegal liquor.
  • 3

    (of furniture, belongings)
    a firm of movers una compañía de mudanzas
    • the movers are here ya han llegado los de la mudanza