Translation of muck spreader in Spanish:

muck spreader

esparcidor de estiércol, n.


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    esparcidor de estiércol masculine
    • And he thanked students, the college and the rural community - including businesses which donated fuel, tractors and muck spreaders for the event - for their ‘fantastic response’.
    • The untreated sewage was taken from a septic tank beside a public toilet and dispersed with a muck spreader.
    • The police trainers watched closely as the NVQ students manoeuvred their tractors, reversed with farm trailers and connected implements such as harvesters and muck spreaders in accordance with health and safety regulations.
    • An agricultural machinery manufacturer is hoping a revolutionary muck spreader will help transform its fortunes after being hit by the crisis in farming.
    • He paid tribute to the quick thinking of a local farmer who used a muck spreader to fight the fire, using water from a nearby pond.