Translation of muddled in Spanish:


confuso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmʌdld//ˈmədld/


  • 1

    his explanation left me muddled su explicación me confundió
    • to get muddled hacerse un lío
    • His mind was muddled most of the time, his speech sometimes halting.
    • Do not forget I am older than you are and my memory is one thousand times less muddled than yours.
    • Perhaps there is a muddled sense of purpose here.
    • Or perhaps it was my mother: even in sleep, my mind was too muddled by the drug to be certain.
    • When I made my witness statement I was muddled in the accounts which I gave in paragraph 6 and paragraph 8.
    • The New York Jets have been the most muddled.
    • The movie does not stand up to any kind of thoughtful inspection and the muddled finale is nonsensical.
    • The British press always gets itself in a tangle over abortion, largely because it tries to follow public opinion and public opinion is muddled.
    • Applying the new rules of Web writing to muddled thoughts is a bit like hiding dirty hands in clean gloves.
    • I was so muddled at the thought that he had almost kissed me that the words never registered.
    • She was also very muddled about her reaction to her parents.
    • He came down because his mind was muddled and he didn't know what to do about Alex.
    • Pretty soon I overheard a conversation between two muddled buyers.
    • This is the only way to see the problem without it being obscured or muddled.
    • My mind was still a mess of muddled feelings.
    • For the moment, British European policy is as muddled as ever.
    • Alexander remained as certain of the turns to take as I was muddled.
    • Now this is not a neutral position, this is not a muddled position.
    • In a time of war, this is muddled thinking, not moral clarity.
    • Not only have the American Right, once the keepers of fiscal probity, turned around, but also there is some muddled local thinking.