Translation of muddy in Spanish:


lleno de barro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmʌdi//ˈmədi/


  • 1

    (road/hands/boots/floor) lleno de barro
    (hands/road/floor/boots) lleno de lodo
    (hands/boots/floor/road) cubierto de barro
    (boots/floor/road/hands) cubierto de lodo
    (floor/boots/hands/road) enlodado
    (floor/road/hands/boots) embarrado
    (water) turbio
    (brown/green) sucio
    the river was muddy el río iba revuelto
    • An athletic boy with dark hair and muddy gray eyes like fish scales stood growling at him.
    • It was a rainy day in London; the muddy streets were covered with sheets of icy water when Emma and her companions arrived.
    • The graphics are dull and muddy at the best of times.
    • Both battleships had been disabled, and settled on the muddy bottom of the harbour.
    • Liberty knelt down in the mud, not caring if her jeans got all muddy.
    • The ground was very muddy, but eventually they planted their crops and their animals began to reproduce.
    • The well-behaved children sat on the floor, which when it rained, became muddy.
    • He felt his stomach heave and nearly fell to his knees, his eyes going dark, muddy gray.
    • The Angel's beautiful crimson eyes dulled into a muddy, maroon color.
    • Yes, that seemed impossible for brown eyes - green can glow, blue can glow, but never dull muddy brown.
    • She looked at the men's muddy boots on her clean floor and shuddered.
    • There are no obvious image defects, but often the image is muddy and dull.
    • I don't mind getting a bit muddy.
    • You can leave your muddy boots there and chuck your coat on the hook.
    • If you hadn't followed me, you wouldn't be all muddy.
    • Fawn and slate, with an occasional tinge of a dark, muddy purple-brown give almost the only respite from black, white and grey.
    • She joked about some muddy footprints left by her husband on the driveway.
    • Oranges and reds are slightly muddy, but yellows are clean and clear.
    • Whilst on our walk up a very muddy road, I realised I had lost the postcard.
    • The floor hadn't been cleaned in years and muddy footprints clung to the lino.
    • I think the blue wash that old ladies use looks bright white to them, whereas bright white looks like a dingy, muddy yellow.
    • She kicked, propelling herself forward and down until her fingers brushed the muddy bottom.
    • He reached and roughly grabbed the young boy's muddy blond hair, muddy as in dark not mud, and he pulled it tightly and yanked the boy close to him.
    • And as snow melts it soaks into the bales or makes the ground muddy.
    • In the Great Court as I stumbled out the strong blue sky, the bright white cladding seemed pallid, muddy and dull around me.
    • Too much Worcestershire or hot sauce will make the drink muddy and too spicy.
    • Overall, the volume is attractively produced, with only a few typos and photographs that were muddy and dark.
    • I got all muddy and it didn't hurt any more.
    • I slid down the bank into a muddy puddle and entered the sheltered area.
    • She ran across the fields and down a path, which was a dark red muddy color now.
    • As well as the debris scattered around the worktops, muddy footprints covered the whole kitchen.
    • I can't rake up the leaves from the grass yet - it's far too muddy and wet for that.
    • The muddy yellows and dark reds are unfortunate hallmarks of DLP projectors.
    • Her eyes are a dark, muddy brown, and there are bags even bigger than the ones under my eyes under hers.
    • And he walked off, dragging his feet in the muddy puddles of rain.
    • Then I ended up in the muddy drainage ditch, so I was in a word, filthy.
    • I hate how that brown color in it makes my orange hair look muddy.
    • If it had a physical color, it would probably be a muddy red mixed with dark, dull browns and purple.
    • Instead of muddy red, his uniform was now dark green.
    • She is wearing gold loafers that seem oddly bright on the muddy blue carpet.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make muddy)
    (carpet/floor) llenar de barro
    (carpet/floor) llenar de lodo
    (carpet/floor) embarrar
    you've muddied your shoes te has manchado de barro / te has embarrado los zapatos
  • 2

    (make unclear)
    (water) enturbiar
    to muddy the issue enredar / enmarañar las cosas