Translation of mulligatawny in Spanish:


(mulligatawny soup)

Pronunciation /ˌməlɪɡəˈtɔni//ˌmʌlɪɡəˈtɔːni/


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    sopa de origen indio con curry
    • The appetizers were well-prepared: the West Coast salad, consisting of mussels with a cold seafood salad centre, was tasty and interesting, and the mulligatawny soup was clearly homemade, although it was a bit tame.
    • Well-priced lunch items include an appealingly peppery mulligatawny soup, the appetizer of the day and basmati rice.
    • It is most often used to flavor mulligatawny soup.
    • If we look back on the Raj experience we find that we have inherited so many things like the English language and beer, Parliament and tiffin, education system and mulligatawny soup, judiciary and red tape.
    • After weeks of sunshine, a cyclonic storm had hit the previous night, laying great trees to waste and stirring the seas to the consistency of mulligatawny.
    • All of which makes this new soup and juice bar in Edinburgh's William Street an extremely diverting place to enjoy a cup of gourmet mulligatawny or a cappuccino.
    • A little coy now, Alicia sat down on the edge of her mother's bed and began haltingly, ‘Well… we had mulligatawny soup to start with, veal cutlets and leeks au gratin as a main course, Baked Alaska for dessert, followed by coffee.
    • I swear Jane, you're thicker than Mom's mulligatawny soup.
    • Only a tin of mulligatawny soup has saved me from immeasurable personal pain.