Translation of multiparty in Spanish:


multipartidista, adj.

Pronunciation /mʌltɪˈpɑːti//ˌməltiˈpɑrdi//ˌməltaɪˈpɑrdi/


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    • While the king has asked for three years to restore a multiparty government, political parties launched a campaign calling for the return of power to the people.
    • There is also multiparty legislative power vested in an eighty-member Parliament, whose members are elected to five-year terms.
    • By early 1992, several new parties had formed, and multiparty elections were held in December 1992.
    • On January 3, 1990, he signed a law to re-establish a multiparty political system in Romania.
    • By the time the first multiparty elections took place in April 1993, however, the country had already begun to fall apart.
    • The latter ended military rule in June 1991 and held multiparty elections, for which there were 44 eligible political parties.
    • The Western ideal for representative democracy involves free, multiparty elections and maintenance of civil liberties.
    • The change of regime in 1989 brought in a multiparty government and a parliamentary democracy with elected representatives.
    • It has changed from a communist dictatorship to a multiparty democracy in which officials are chosen in regular elections.
    • In May 1994, a new constitution was approved, and then the first multiparty elections took place.
    • In politics, the nation scored by managing the political transitions from multi-party politics to one party and back to multiparty.
    • Because of economic hardships and pressure from foreign countries, Kaunda eventually allowed for multiparty elections.
    • After a peaceful transition, the elections produced the first representative, multiparty National Assembly.
    • A new National Assembly was elected in 1997, in relatively free multiparty elections.
    • The difficult time was the transition from one party to multiparty politics, but this was successfully done fifteen years ago.
    • The rebels took up arms against the government in 1996 with the aim of ending Nepal's monarchy and multiparty political system.
    • The head of state, the prime minister, is a member of the majority party in a multiparty system.
    • This crisis pressured the government into opening the political system and holding multiparty elections in 1992.
    • Tension between the two regions increased after the introduction of a multiparty political system in the 1990s.
    • Iceland has a multiparty parliamentary system, and there is a written constitution.