Translation of multiple in Spanish:


múltiple, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈmʌltɪp(ə)l//ˈməltəpəl/


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    (involving many elements)
    multiple birth parto múltiple masculine
    • multiple personality (disorder) personalidad múltiple
    • multiple pile-up colisión múltiple
    • There have been numerous reports of multiple voting on a large scale in the country.
    • He said the reason councillors voted against the change of use was because the premises are totally unsuitable for multiple occupancy.
    • Friends, the multiple agency bill collection system in the city, has to be the most citizen-friendly outfit of the Government.
    • If you require a multiple user connection you will pay €152.
    • To take one example, he says that every vaccination, single as well as multiple, carries a specific risk.
    • The organization used quiet diplomacy to work with Ontario's bureaucrats to promote multiple use of Quetico park.
    • Multiple cropping establishes a second crop in the same season that a first crop is harvested.
    • What follows is that you would then have different rules in relation to multiple publication in different States.
    • The function of the banner-draped shading elements is multiple.
    • The inspection is based on a March 1999 agreement between the two countries to allow Washington multiple access to the suspected site.
    • It is my misfortune to be living in a street in which there are several houses in multiple occupation.
    • Third, there must be a causal connection between the multiple relationship and the impairment or risk.
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    multiple errors múltiples errores
    • The season's riches also offer a chance to see favorite actors tackling very different roles in multiple movies.
    • The financial sector is a much different story, with multiple levels of lending and intermediation dictating that analysis is at least as much art as science.
    • The data were collected from multiple sites in the Midwest, however, which increased the reliability and generalizability of these data.
    • The online service allows customers to retrieve, at the click of a mouse, information that used to take days to collect from multiple sources.
    • Discussing each article and generating multiple perspectives from group members was very important in this process.
    • The title track, which opens the album, slowly introduces the multiple elements of this work, reverently contrasting them to establish a perfect balance of impressions.
    • This book, like the earlier accounts, acknowledges that multiple elements were at work in secularizing higher education.
    • Even when larger corporate aircraft arrive, staff are obliged to use only small vans, requiring multiple trips to collect passengers and crew.
    • Today, many children are being raised by multiple partners in different environments other than the home, including child care centers.
    • Beard and Quann collected multiple medals in 1996 and 2000, respectively.
    • No other hockey family can make that claim, and neither can any family with multiple members in the baseball, basketball, or football halls.
    • Non-standard usages, like multiple negation, are sometimes attacked on the same grounds.
    • If members ask multiple questions, they run the risk of Ministers answering the parts that they regard as less important.
    • However, the risk of side effects increases when multiple medications are used.
    • Conversations between therapist and family members, and among multiple families began, slowly at first, and then became livelier.
    • The frequency of multiple mating in the population was first calculated using all clutches.
    • Do-it-yourself videoconferencing may be better suited for team members who work in multiple locations.
    • All the members were charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, and murder.
    • Vicky had spent those four hours talking to other crew members about multiple topics; she had been extremely bored during those four hours.
    • Because children have different learning styles and multiple ways of knowing, they must be encouraged to find the form that best fits their individual styles.
    • Thus we see multiple members of Congress talking about the Social security ‘surplus’.
    • I don't much care for members who serve on multiple boards.
    • Ms W complied with her daily regimen of medications but was not prepared for the multiple side effects that occurred.


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    múltiplo masculine
    in multiples of 5 en múltiplos de cinco