Translation of muniments in Spanish:


títulos de dominio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmjuːnɪm(ə)nts/

plural noun

  • 1

    títulos de dominio masculine
    • You will either need to conduct a normal probate, commonly known as an independent administration, or you might be able to conduct a simplified form of probate called probating the will as a muniment of title.
    • However, when a will is probated as a muniment of title, inventories are not filed.
    • It is worth noting that even if no deed was prepared, your wife's divorce decree may state that the decree itself will function as a muniment of title to transfer ownership of the home to her.
    • When you file a will as a muniment of title, you still have to file certain papers with the court and go to a hearing, but you don't need to file an inventory listing her assets.
    • Probating a will as a muniment of title can be simpler and less expensive than other forms of probate.