Translation of murder in Spanish:


asesinato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmərdər//ˈməːdə/


  • 1

    asesinato masculine
    Law homicidio masculine
    to commit murder cometer un asesinato / un crimen
    • the murder of a policeman el asesinato de un policía
    • murder charge acusación de asesinato / homicidio
    • murder squad brigada de homicidios
    • murder trial juicio por asesinato
    • murder victim víctima de asesinato / homicidio
    • the murder weapon el arma homicida / del crimen
    • They argue that even if all those on death row were to be hanged, the killings and murders would still continue, and may very well increase despite the hangings.
    • I must emphasise we need to question this man regarding the murder and two attempted murders of police officers in Leeds.
    • The ring specialised in contract murders, abductions, explosions, racketeering and other terrorist activities.
    • Since last June there have been 45 assassinations, 37 kidnappings and nine attempted murders, according to the report.
    • From muggings to murders, recent crime patterns show citizens returning home from office or an outing late in the night have become soft targets of the men on prowl.
    • Where crime is concerned there is a lot of talk about who the criminals are, and where they live, and what is going to be done to reduce the kidnappings, murders and other criminal activities.
    • An epidemic of criminal activities, murders, revenge killings and gang turf battles has resulted.
    • Murders and attempted murders of state officials became almost routine, preoccupying and slowing down state administrators and inviting reprisals or, at least, harsh policies.
    • Its members are unsurpassed at stopping murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries and other violent crimes.
    • While its initial remit was to take on drug gangs, the agency now deals with all forms of major organised crime, helping investigate murders, kidnappings, extortion and robbery.
    • By the end of the year there were 129 killings, murders, assassinations, crossfire victims, accidents and unexplained deaths.
    • I got so tired of watching the news because of all the kidnappings and rapes and murders and theft that filled that channel and I wanted to help put an end to it.
    • The country has the highest number of murders, rapes, hijackings and violent robberies in the world.
    • Speaking of murder, remember that not all homicides are murders and that murder carries a specific legal meaning.
    • We have laws on murder, but, tragically, we still have murders and killings in this country.
    • Those guns would have been destined to be used in murders, robberies or kidnappings.
    • What if all the cities in the US were wracked by a crime wave, with thousands of murders, kidnappings, burglaries, and carjackings in every major city every year?
    • However, we are not to be forgotten; our voice will be heard as we speak out against the horrendous rapes, kidnappings and murders polluting our paradise.
    • Among them were 646 cases of physical assault resulting in injury, and eight attempted murders but no actual murders.
    • They were involved in numerous murders, assaults, rapes and robberies and if you crossed their path you were unlikely to emerge without a few broken bones.
  • 2

    (something unpleasant)
    to be murder ser la muerte informal
    • the traffic was murder había un tráfico terrible
    • it was murder in town with so many tourists la ciudad estaba imposible con tanto turista

transitive verb

  • 1

    if I catch that kid I'll murder him! ¡como agarre a ese chico, lo mato!
    • A mother has spoken out against gun crime after seeing the man accused of murdering her son walk free from court.
    • In 2001, a further 43 people were murdered, 32 kidnapped and 219 assaulted.
    • Police believe the victim may not have even seen the assassin who murdered him with a single shot to the back.
    • A cheating husband accused of murdering his wife and children 27 years ago told a jury yesterday: ‘I miss them to this day.’
    • He killed and murdered a dozen women the police know of and twenty others we know of.
    • My father was kidnapped and murdered last year.
    • The former lover of a pensioner accused of murdering his wife and children 27 years ago said she did not give police vital information because she couldn't believe he would harm anyone.
    • Within weeks, around 500,000 people were brutally murdered or killed in action, mostly by the Hutu army.
    • Because she was so badly decomposed, police have been unable to tell if she was murdered or killed herself.
    • I want the people who calculatingly and brutally murder others to pay severely for their heinous crimes.
    • Judy thought about if someone had murdered the person who killed her family.
    • Scientific tests on stains found in the bathroom at the home of a drug addict accused of murdering a pensioner, gave a mixed DNA profile of both the man on trial and the pensioner, a jury heard yesterday.
    • His family believe that a factor in his disappearance could be the upcoming anniversary of the death of his father, who was murdered 15 years ago by an armed robber.
    • He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder persons unknown and to possession of weapons and ammunition.
    • This confrontation could increase the probability of him becoming angry and murdering or assaulting her.
    • But to this day they too will never know why a seemingly loving husband murdered his wife before killing himself.
    • He refuses to believe his father has been murdered, instead saying he has probably fled Bradford.
    • Generally, we hold that there's no crime worse than murder, and we punish it more harshly than we do anything else.
    • My mother, sister, and other brother had perished of malnutrition, starvation, and illness, and my father had been murdered.
    • A young woman in a close ethnic community, who had fallen in love with a Swedish man, was murdered by her father.
  • 2

    (play/music) destrozar
    (play/music) masacrar humorous
    • Sometimes I could murder a slab of chocolate but I don't.
    • The great outdoors murders a fine wine's bouquet and strong-tasting barbecue fare ruins the restrained, delicate flavours of expensive bottles.
    • They'd have been better off giving it to the cook not to murder the cuisines of countries that have already suffered so much.
    • I mean you wouldn't say, God I'm famished, I could murder a fruit juice.
    • But Portofino still lacked its very own song: one that could be murdered nightly in those dolce vita bars and restaurants.
    • I am a cakey kind of person - squishy and sweet and sort of sickly after too much - and I could murder a brownie right about now…
  • 3informal

    I could really murder a beer ¡con qué gusto me tomaría una cerveza!

intransitive verb

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