Translation of murderous in Spanish:


asesino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmərd(ə)rəs//ˈməːd(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    (instinct) asesino
    (individual) de instintos asesinos
    (plan) criminal
    there was a murderous glint in his eye su mirada tenía un brillo asesino
    • she was in a murderous mood when she got back regresó de un humor de perros
    • An ex-con takes a job as a ballast driver and encounters a world of dangerous conditions, murderous rivalry and corruption.
    • He attributed these tendencies and his cruel, murderous history to his abusive childhood.
    • He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime.
    • To this day he remains chained, madness close to his mind and murderous intentions deep within the recess of his soul.
    • The boy and his accomplices failed in their murderous conspiracy.
    • If I ever snap and go on a murderous killing spree, it'll be because of this guy.
    • As an advocate for hard times and the impending global apocalypse, I'm disappointed whenever a potential murderous despot loses his insane grip on the world.
    • His support for the most murderous policies of the ruling elite is nothing new.
    • Il Tabarro was a subtitled drama about forbidden love and murderous jealousy.
    • He is not some murderous criminal to be brutally dealt with, Uncle Charles.
    • This is a murderous organisation which seeks impossible objectives by the most violent of means.
    • Well, we certainly will be mentioning the war - with its deceit, greed and murderous barbarity.
    • Set in medieval Japan, Across the Nightingale Floor follows the captivating tale of Takeo, whose village is brutally destroyed by the murderous warlord, Iida Sadamu.
    • As a high-ranking servant of a murderous despot, he lied often.
    • She's afraid I'm going to crack and go on a murderous rampage.
    • Not surprisingly, a series of brutal and murderous events left islanders deeply distrustful of outsiders.
    • Still, the doctor is not convinced, but he does offer his story of a murderous ventriloquist whose dummy seemed more alive, and violent, than he was.
    • But this bombing felt different: more vicious, hateful, crude, and murderous.
    • He didn't seem to be anyone dangerous or murderous, to tell the truth.
    • The longer his thoughts dwelt on the matter, the more murderous they grew.
    • Determined to avenge her, Marv pursues a violent, murderous course that takes him to the heart of the city's power structure, and seals his fate.
    • They suffer discrimination, racist abuse, violent assaults and murderous attacks.
    • This new book usefully reminds us why that was, and just how vicious, corrupt and murderous the pre-1949 regime was.
    • There are despotic and murderous regimes all over the world and cultures whose affinity for evil and hatred defies comprehension.
    • He was also, of course, heavily implicated in the brutally murderous system of forced labour without which the entire German war economy would have collapsed.
    • He was capable of murderous cruelty when angered.
    • Frank Horrigan pursues every clue, every scrap of evidence as he fights to pin down Leary and foil his murderous plan.
    • He supports his friend in a tit for tat exchange that turns murderous.
    • In fact, if humanity's past record is a reasonable guide, globalism may represent the single deadliest threat to mankind in our long, murderous history.
    • The country's military dictatorship is a repressive, democracy-crushing, bloodthirsty, murderous bunch of thugs.
    • History is littered with despots and psychopaths, murderous dullards, evil geniuses, deadly incompetents, calamitous brutes of all descriptions.
    • A murderous dictator may not be anyone's idea of a great business partner.
    • It's only when he's confronted with his past that he emerges from the shell and takes action - murderous bloody action.
    • I can see why that might work in, say, a song about murderous jealousy, but that doesn't seem to be what this song is about.
    • Selling guns to murderous dictators holds few real qualms for our 'hero'.
    • Science and technology were applied to the most murderous ends known to humankind.
    • Only Bart knows that he has a far more murderous motive in mind.
    • Things actually become worse when Emily befriends an imaginary friend whose erratic behavior eventually turns murderous.
    • In principle one might expect to find that war was a matter of continuous, violent, and mutually murderous activity.
    • This man is as smoothly eloquent as he is violent, murderous and sexually rampant.
  • 2

    (deadly, lethal)
    (onslaught) mortífero
    (roads) peligrosísimo
    • Expect the Sonics and Clippers to take a step back amid murderous January schedules.
    • He had jumped out to a quick lead in the first game against Puertas, who was dealing with a minor leg muscle pull sustained in his murderous semi-final against Walker.
    • ‘It was a choking, murderous job,’ says one worker.
    • The sun's rays were murderous; of course no one around me noticed, they were all so wrapped up in the game.
    • After that the schedule turns murderous starting with back-to-back home games with New England and Philadelphia to complete the first half.
  • 3

    (very taxing)
    the heat/climate is murderous el calor/clima es insufrible / infernal
    • they asked me some murderous questions on cybernetics me tiraron a matar con unas preguntas sobre cibernética