Translation of music in Spanish:


música, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmjuzɪk//ˈmjuːzɪk/


  • 1

    (art form)
    música feminine
    (lesson/festival/teacher) (before noun) de música
    she's listening to some music está escuchando música
    • to make music tocar música
    • to set / put sth to music ponerle música a algo
    • music critic crítico musical or de música
    • music lover melómano
    • It will have designated classrooms for science, art and music and specially-equipped toilets.
    • Expression of music through instrument or voice differs from culture to culture.
    • I never thought I would perform professionally and I went to university to study music.
    • There is plenty of available data to support why children should take music lessons.
    • Ultimately she would like to branch out into designing CD covers, combining her love of music and art.
    • Homework demands increase throughout the school years, and music lessons and clubs may need to be rescheduled.
    • Ask any musician and they will tell you that music is about expression and conveying emotion.
    • After losing his mother to cancer, he took to music to vent his emotions.
    • As he came towards the end of his school career in 1920 he realised that he could not pursue both music and science.
    • He combined his interests in music and literature with first class science.
    • She thinks she might go on to study either music or maths at university.
    • She started to play the clarinet and studied music at university in Wolverhampton.
    • She planned to study music at university, but her family doctor advised her to do law instead and she took his advice.
    • Undergoing a major life change prior to beginning music study as an adult also is common.
    • He bemoans the shortage of trained music teachers and a paucity of school music lessons.
    • It's a study of music, culture, society and young women in the nineties and it is written so clearly and accessibly.
    • He then decided to take voice and music theory lessons with the same tutor I had many many years ago.
    • The teachers knew that combining music and art would be very enticing to these students.
    • We often think of music as expressing emotions, and research has backed this notion up.
    • Some formal singing and music lessons paid off and she is firmly on the path to success.
  • 2

    (written notes)
    partitura feminine
    música feminine
    can you read music? ¿sabes leer música?
    • before noun music book libro de música
    • An ability to read music is not required, but a strong spirit of commitment is heartily welcome.
    • I have found that with focus I can read music with virtually no trouble at all.
    • Unlike some methods, the student is taught to read music and practice rhythm from day one.
    • If you're going to be a music critic, you need to know how to read music, don't you?
    • Kim, whose dad used to be in a band, has been trying to find someone to fine-tune his skills and teach him to read music.
    • Mahler wrote nothing but music and letters: no essay, memoir, treatise or manifesto.
    • How envious I am of those who can read music and make musical instruments come alive.
    • His computer held a program which let him write down music and print it out, and it also acted as a database for tunes.
    • It was never a problem for him to learn difficult charts without even being able to read music.
    • It has become like a musician being able to sight read music.
    • His eldest son went to the Royal Academy of Music, even though he couldn't read music at the time - he just had a great ear for it.
    • Auditions are quick and painless and an ability to read music is not essential.
    • Participants do not need to be able to read music or to have sung with a choir before.
    • Of course, many of the technicians knew perfectly well how to read music but they could not admit it.
    • However, if you've never read music before, it still takes a bit of getting used to.
    • People taking part don't need to be able to read music and don't have to play alone unless they want to.
    • I'm of the personal opinion that anyone who writes a bit of music with six flat signs is just plain showing off.
    • The choirmaster taught me how to read music and sing with discipline.