Translation of musical in Spanish:


musical, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmjuːzɪk(ə)l//ˈmjuzək(ə)l/


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    (ability/background/tradition) musical
    musical evening velada musical feminine
    • musical score partitura (musical)
    • The new view of the world was accompanied by new musical influences.
    • Not only is her own music eclectic, so are her musical tastes.
    • I think there are certain items in a piano competition that are not matters of musical opinion or taste.
    • The event is a spectacular combination of fireworks exploding in harmony with a musical accompaniment.
    • Heck, there are times when I have cringed at the musical tastes of musicians I admire.
    • The selections run the gamut from folk song through musical theatre to grand opera.
    • Groups must provide their own live musical accompaniment of not more than 4 musicians.
    • A wonderfully eerie musical score accompanies the two youngsters as they pound miles of wet roads for hours on end, experiencing nothing but uncertainty at every turn.
    • Excellent musical accompaniment and photography reveal the ideas and purposes that lay the foundations for Islamic art.
    • Now, far be it from me to judge a man's musical tastes; after all, what's beautiful music to one is nails on blackboard to another.
    • The tunes passed across the generations by memory are sung in unison without any musical accompaniment.
    • He, too, was totally aware of the emotional content of each song and cut his musical cloth accordingly while accompanying with true artistry.
    • The way I find music is that I have a few friends whose musical tastes I trust.
    • The menu is Mediterranean fusion mixed with Jazz at lunchtime, then accompanied with a different musical theme each night.
    • The dazzlingly choreographed fireworks performances will be accompanied by a musical programme.
    • Contemporary dancers will perform with live musical accompaniment comprising natuvangam, mridangam, veena and nadaswaram.
    • She can no longer play the piano to provide musical accompaniment to the choirs.
    • Then gradually the musical accompaniment and singing separated and it became an opera form.
    • Occasionally, eaters are treated with live musical accompaniment on the piano that sits in the room.
    • Broaden your children's musical tastes by exposing them to different kinds of music through recordings and live concerts.
    • The system finds people with musical tastes similar to yours, and starts playing music from their collection.
    • These works, with their improvised musical accompaniment, breathed excitement into the local scene.
    • Silent films are also shown, accompanied by live musical performances.
    • As a theorist he was influential in the codification of sonata form and other musical structures.
    • As a child of the 60s and 70s I still hanker after the music of my youth but my children's musical tastes have turned me on to current great Australian bands.
    • And I suppose he deserves it, even if his musical style is a taste I am still trying to acquire.
    • They take it in turns to be in the groups - usually six or eight at a time, and there are four or so able musical accompanists - not more than two playing at once.
    • This year's Christmas lights switch-on promises to be a extravaganza with fairground rides, a street fair and musical entertainment.
    • The Indian musical accompaniment is so lively and catchy, you wonder if the whole story will shortly be made into a Bollywood spectacular.
    • All of these involved musical accompaniment, with fiddles, harmonicas, and later accordions.
    • It becomes frustratingly obvious as the record plays, however, that the musical accompaniment is designed to be just that.
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    (musically gifted)
    con aptitudes para la música
    con dotes musicales
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    (voice/laugh) musical
    her prose has a musical quality su prosa tiene musicalidad
    • Her voice was musical, like the sound of a silver bell, warm and welcoming.
    • He laughed and it sounded so musical I couldn't help but smile.
    • She wheezed ever so slightly, a small whistle that sounded almost musical.
    • He had a strange accent that sounded almost musical; I liked it.
    • The musical chittering of birds sounded throughout the air, and the delicate tune of the bubbling river was heard as it wound its way out of the forest and between the fresh green fields.
    • The mood was contagious, and soon the two had filled the air with the soft sound of laughter, the musical laughter that Angel loved to hear.
    • Its cry was musical, not sounding like one wolf, but a chorus of many.
    • The staccato beat of booted feet and armour jingling sounded almost musical.
    • When she spoke, her voice, usually so musical and beautiful, sounded as if she had a cold.
    • She called Snowbell and the horse came at the sound of her musical voice.
    • I don't know, but they use all these weird sounds in such a musical way.
    • That the sounds are musical to our ears may say more about us than about the elephants.


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    musical masculine