Translation of muss in Spanish:


desordenar, v.

Pronunciation /məs//mʌs/

transitive verb


  • 1

    (room) desordenar
    she mussed her hair se despeinó
    • She didn't care that the dirt was spoiling her dress or that a high wind was beginning and mussing her hair.
    • ‘Awww you're so sweet Robert’ Macy commented warmly, mussing my hair.
    • He just stands in my kitchen, mussing his hair, picking at a photo of us on my fridge.
    • ‘You guys are weird,’ Kimberley said, mussing Clay's already-tousled hair and walking out.
    • She settled for simply mussing his hair and calling him John-boy.
    • There was a knock on the door, Tony mussed his hair with one hand and looked into the mirror quickly.
    • And all without landing a punch, or mussing his suit.
    • I lifted him up and sat him on my lap, mussing his hair a little.
    • Liam smiled and invited himself inside, mussing his nephew's hair as he passed.
    • The brown-haired boy mussed his hair in exasperation, growling in his frustration.
    • Warren nodded and ran a hand through his tousled hair, mussing it up even further.
    • Hero opened her mouth to reply, but he silenced her by mussing her hair.
    • He was perfectly calm, but then he took his other hand and mussed her hair.
    • He mussed Alan's blonde hair and Alan felt a touch of warmth and a bit of guilt.
    • I ran my fingers through my hair, mussing it up a little.
    • Her hair was mussed and falling over her eyes, her clothes wrinkled and disheveled.
    • ‘Oh, that's okay,’ Wendy said, mussing Erin's hair affectionately.
    • She mussed his hair as she walked behind him, and he swung his arms at her, trying to catch her so he could do the same.
    • You can almost feel the energy blowing off the screen, mussing your hair and plastering a big smile onto your face.
    • She loved fussing over him, mussing his hair and trying to force him to take home food.