Translation of mute in Spanish:


mudo, adj.

Pronunciation /mjuːt//mjut/


  • 1

    (person) mudo
    he was mute with embarrassment enmudeció de vergüenza
    • They stood mute spectators when irate employees chased the Vice-Chancellor of a university around the State Assembly.
    • These intensive singing sessions are exactly that as I discovered one Tuesday evening recently, sitting in mute admiration.
    • The rest of the crowded carriage watched in mute silence.
    • The police were mute spectators to the entire incident which took place right outside the KEM hospital.
    • In both the cases, the public remained mute spectators.
    • Police officers remained mute spectators as pedestrians, bikers, car drivers, autodrivers and other road users waited out the jams under a bright January sun.
    • I was thereafter keen to attend the classes with my brother, if only as a mute spectator.
    • With this anti-intellectual attitude, I ought to be mute every time I detect scientific ignorance in a movie's story or set design.
    • At first, the watchers, except the most determined walkers and the really serious lovers, remain mute spectators.
    • Perhaps, accustomed as he was to hearing such queries and taunts by the driver, the conductor remained a mute spectator.
    • The director appears in the last shot of all the stories, a mute spectator who is a symbol of society, which is portrayed as having become insensitive to everything.
    • ‘She used to be big as a horse,’ one of the officers said to a colleague, who nodded in mute admiration.
    • All the while the police remained a mute spectator only trying to ensure that fatal injuries were not inflicted.
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  • 1

    (silent person)
    mudo masculine
    muda feminine
  • 2

    • 2.1Music

      sordina feminine
      • She laughed at how they were both carrying trumpets, only one had a mute in the other hand.
      • On woodwinds, a cloth bag has sometimes been tied over the instrument, and small pear-shaped wooden mutes were made to fit into 18th-century oboe bells.
      • The cash paid for music, a PA system and mutes for the brass section.
      • He said there was the possibility that the disappearance of the items, which also included four red and blue glitter hats, several brass mutes and three wooden music rests, was a mistake.
      • The cone-shaped device looks like a trumpet mute.

    • 2.2Audio

      mute masculine
      • It's so close, again, that when you hear the crowds roar on the television and then hit mute, you can still hear the crowds roar, even through closed windows.
      • I was in my room, alone in the house once again, watching the television on mute.
      • I had the television - a football game halftime show - on mute in my room.
      • He then quietly crept downstairs to get himself a drink, consciousness now having taken a hold on him, and then he flicked around the television channels on mute until his parents woke up.
      • The cars, the people, even birds flying through the sky were moving at a super fast pace, but the sound was on mute.
      • The twenty-three year old man was going through photos, the television on mute as he picked up a magazine.
      • ‘Him’, I point at the screen as I grab the remote to turn the mute off.
      • Now she speaks but without a sound, like the television personalities on mute.
      • The larger screen served at the moment as a television outlet on mute.
      • It has volume control, mute and push-to-talk buttons all within one housing.
      • Then the show came back on and the television was taken off mute.
      • After getting hurriedly dressed, she went to the television, put the sound on mute, and headed to a loud rock channel.
      • Tony flicked on the TV too, but kept the sound on mute as he entered the chat room for the scheduled hack.
      • Aimée nodded absently and sat down beside her friend just as she heard the front door open, but ignored it and took the mute off the television.
      • The T.V. went to commercial and Jaime grabbed the remote to turn the mute on.
      • Maximillian watched her until she disappeared into the lift before he took the mute off the sound system.
      • There are also in-use indicator lights for both talk and mute, and when mute is engaged, the user hears a ‘beep’ as an audible reminder.
      • Now I know that the sound of a TV on mute is an ultra high frequency sound.
      • It's also important to put your television on mute to make the most of the experience.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (instrument) ponerle sordina a
    • The ‘buff stop’ on harpsichords and early pianos, operated by a hand-lever or a pedal, mutes the strings by pressing pads of felt or leather against the them.
    • Use a keyboard which has shortcut keys for instantly muting the sound though.
    • To keep the drums from becoming overpowering onstage and in the mix, they were muted with a set of SoundOff drum set silencers.
    • The guitarists spend much of the show muting their strings and one of them actually sits out on a few songs, sparing the music of any clutter.