Translation of mutilate in Spanish:


mutilar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmjudlˌeɪt//ˈmjuːtɪleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • But now that he is dead, his body mutilated almost beyond recognition, it seems right to recall what he said.
    • Press reports said the bodies had been deliberately mutilated.
    • David says his aunt and uncle were killed as they tried to escape and their bodies were mutilated.
    • How is it right to encourage people to mutilate their bodies?
    • Identification was proving difficult because some of the bodies were severely mutilated.
    • He slashed her throat with a knife then mutilated her body and face.
    • He said the second person killed, whose body was severely mutilated, may have been the man carrying the bomb.
    • They were both killed a few days later and their bodies mutilated.
    • Police also said several of the corpses had their faces badly mutilated from the gunshot wounds.
    • When the sisters' father went to the morgue to check, he found his daughter had not only been killed, but her body had been horrifically mutilated.
    • According to the police the face of the slain person was hit with a boulder and it was badly mutilated.
    • Once again, scenes of explosions and mutilated bodies are back in our streets.
    • Many of the bodies were so mutilated that identification was difficult.
    • There was a moment's pause, a profuse apology, then they resumed their efforts to mutilate the body.
    • Two of the dead were so badly mutilated no one had been able to identify them and they lay unclaimed, he said.
    • The bodies of the victims were mutilated beyond recognition.
    • The military rounded up tens of thousands of people, torturing and mutilating many of the prisoners.
    • He is one of Scotland's most revered monarchs yet his body was mutilated and his head used as a football by the English foe.
    • ‘It kills the living, destroys their flesh and mutilates the bodies of those already dead,’ he says.
    • You also mutilated the dead bodies of our soldiers and treated them with indescribable indignities.