Translation of mutiny in Spanish:


motín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmjutni//ˈmjuːtɪni/

nounPlural mutinies

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    motín masculine
    amotinamiento masculine
    the Indian Mutiny la rebelión / sublevación de los cipayos
    • Naval victories after these mutinies overshadow their significance.
    • In these two officers' cases, we don't see an attempted mutiny nor do we see a direct challenge to the war effort.
    • This brought about a mutiny led by a group of officers based in Algeria.
    • Within a week the mutiny had spread to revolution in every big city in Germany.
    • The Philippine government on Tuesday set up a commission to investigate a mutiny by junior military officers and enlisted personnel over the weekend.
    • Gulliver's own sailors declare a mutiny on his power and tie him up, conspiring against him, making him their prisoner.
    • In 1983, he was sent back to the south to quell a mutiny of soldiers.
    • The mutiny of the sailors at Kronstadt near Petrograd in March 1921 triggered a change in general policy.
    • Three days after the start of the mutiny, the 75 soldiers surrendered.
    • But, while his own rebels threaten a mutiny to dwarf the rebellion of last week, he will at least argue that he did attempt to bring the international community along with him.
    • The abolition of nobility was the last straw for many, and the military mutinies of that year produced an exodus of disgusted officers.
    • Many of those problems sparked an officer-led mutiny in July.
    • Britain was finally forced out of India in 1947 after a naval mutiny, demonstrations and strikes.
    • All the fundamental issues that gave rise to both the student-led protest and the military mutiny remain.
    • The mutiny, a series of sieges, consisted of small unit actions and major battles.
    • Army mutinies and strikes by civil servants over salary arrears dominated events during 1991 and 1992.
    • In recent months there have been mutinies on British ships, so the officers are ill-at-ease.
    • After France cut back on economic aid and withdrew its troops in the mid-1990s, there has been a series of army mutinies and coup attempts.
    • The long, grueling war caused the mutiny of the French Foreign Legion units whose mission was to retain Algeria as a French colony.
    • I don't know if you've got it in your quotes, but I also said at the time, there would be a mutiny in my office, which there was to some degree.
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    amotinamiento masculine

intransitive verbmutinying, mutinies, mutinied

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