Translation of mutter in Spanish:


hablar entre dientes, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmədər//ˈmʌtə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hablar entre dientes
    (grumble) refunfuñar
    (grumble) rezongar
    what are you muttering on about? ¿se puede saber por qué refunfuñas / rezongas?
    • Democrats mutter about the president's secret plan to transform homeland security into a flag-draped campaign issue.
    • His friend began muttering in German and what I possibly believe is that they were talking about me.
    • They began muttering, and he heard a chair scrape across the floor, followed quickly by three more.
    • The four friends and the men begin muttering, then asking us loudly why only she got the money, then arguing with her.
    • The swordsmen began to mutter to each other, hoping their superiors wouldn't hear their complaints; they were bored too, but at least they weren't caged up.
    • Passengers' eyes divert to Lauren and they begin to mutter incoherently about her.
    • So he said no, privately muttering that his team shouldn't have to compromise to make up for the mistakes of others.
    • People began muttering under their breath as the moments went by and no one saw any danger.
    • The other Freelancers had all been watching avidly at this point, and all began to mutter to themselves.
    • By 11, his colleagues had not arrived and several people began muttering over their absence.
    • The people were beginning to mutter about the Empress' German origins.
    • When she motioned me over the kids began whispering, muttering that I must have been shoplifting or something.
    • The men around him began to mutter worriedly - their morale was starting to decay.
    • More cynical Ukrainians have already begun to mutter that all politicians are the same in the end.
    • Still, it was easier to mutter in private and unsettle his wife with threats of going public than actually doing anything.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (thanks/apology) mascullar
    (thanks/apology) farfullar
    why don't you shut up? she muttered —¿por qué no te callas de una vez? —dijo entre dientes
    • Sometimes I'd hear a melodic fragment or a texture, or it might sound like voices muttering in an unintelligible language.
    • He found his voice and managed to mutter her name.
    • ‘Finally they get what they deserve,’ I heard a voice behind me mutter.
    • Without even having to strain his ears, he could overhear the girl muttering to herself in annoyance.
    • Alan barely had time to mutter a quick ‘Night’, before Jason was gone, leaving Alan more confused than ever.
    • He could barely mutter back a response to any of my statements.
    • He was heard muttering in a barely audible voice.
    • ‘No,’ she mutters, her voice coming from directly over me.
    • I follow sullenly, muttering something barely coherent, concerning lies and unfairness.
    • The lights were still on at my house and I walked in, barely muttering a goodnight to him.
    • However, as soon as we heard Rosemary's voice I heard Danielle mutter a little ‘uh-oh.’
    • A few turned to stare as she stood there, green eyes blinking curiously, voices muttering.
    • He managed to nudge his partner, and together they rose, muttering in tones of voice too low and quiet for her to hear.
    • He had barely muttered his problems, but the old lady had a keen sense of hearing.
    • As he leaves, he mutters something that was barely heard.
    • The big woman knelt down and gathered up Rose's books, muttering apologies in a deep, quiet voice.
    • ‘Whatever,’ I mutter irritably, not bothering to hide my disapproval.
    • The chef mutters something about being in shock.
    • ‘There is something you could do,’ Abe mutters in a low voice.
    • She replied so quietly that he could barely hear her voice muttering her name.