Translation of mutual fund in Spanish:

mutual fund

fondo de inversión mobiliaria, n.



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    fondo de inversión mobiliaria masculine
    SICAV feminine
    • In short, it is a mutual fund that invests solely in money market instruments.
    • Allowing big investors to trade in mutual funds after hours is simply against the law.
    • For Jones, mutual funds are a better investment than individual stocks right now.
    • Mutual funds get kudos if their independent directors invest in the mutual funds.
    • You can invest in mutual funds or individual stocks and decide how much risk you want to take with your savings.
    • Also, all mutual funds are required to pay out all dividends and capital gains on a yearly basis.
    • Investors should keep track of distributions made by their mutual funds that are reinvested.
    • It has also been suggested to allow mutual funds and pension funds to invest in venture capital funds.
    • They were followed by US-based mutual funds and investment banks, all anxious to cash in on the Asian boom.
    • You can access a wide variety of international investments through mutual funds.
    • I have never managed a mutual fund but have owned hundreds of them over the past 50 years.
    • In mutual funds, fund managers rely heavily on internal analysis to make decisions.
    • Socially responsible mutual funds tend to have higher fees than regular funds.
    • For one, hedge fund fees are much higher than those of traditional mutual funds.
    • A closed-end fund is a mutual fund whose shares trade on the stock exchanges, just as a stock does.
    • That has generated a lot of investment from mutual funds focused on the global oil and gas industry.
    • The agency is already battling court challenges to its rules on hedge funds and mutual funds.
    • Only two other mutual funds manage money this way, both also at boutique firms.
    • Ownership of stock, direct and through pension and mutual funds, is also covered.
    • Most real estate mutual funds invest mainly in real estate investment trusts.