Translation of mutually in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmjuːtʃ(ʊ)əli//ˈmjutʃ(u)əli/


  • 1

    they are mutually exclusive options son opciones que se excluyen mutuamente / entre sí
    • We'd been promising each other dinner for some months, and finally found a date that was mutually agreeable.
    • The problem is that the two types of use are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
    • The relationship proved mutually beneficial as they supported each other's prolific output.
    • Theoretically it should have the makings of a mutually beneficial relationship.
    • You may wish to propose to your neighbour that a structural engineer is mutually appointed and the cost is split equally.
    • Motherhood and modelling seemed mutually exclusive to her, and it took her a while to realise they needn't be.
    • Seeing two mutually antagonistic peoples interact at gunpoint provides ample dramatic tension.
    • I would not see the two as mutually exclusive, but rather running together.
    • With thanks for your interest, we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
    • In a mutually beneficial arrangement the club will lend the fun run organisers the watch.
    • As a tenant you should be able to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with your landlord.
    • Not that it's a competition, nor that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive.
    • So we were hopeful that we would be able to come to mutually agreeable arrangements.
    • Get out and network with new people - look for mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.
    • It's a mutually loving relationship which makes for the deepest fulfilment.
    • From this viewpoint, the two categories are therefore mutually exclusive.
    • Shop bosses need to negotiate arrangements with employees that are mutually satisfactory.
    • Both are inevitable but at the same time they are mutually exclusive.
    • For such mutually beneficial cooperation to develop, we need to be able to talk to each other.
    • Certainly, their most impressive performances are often mutually exclusive.
  • 2

    (by, to, for all parties)
    it was mutually acceptable/beneficial era aceptable/beneficioso para ambos/para todos
    • it was mutually agreed that the meeting be postponed se decidió de común acuerdo que la reunión se pospusiera