Translation of myriad in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmɪrɪəd//ˈmɪriəd/


  • 1literary

    the myriad varieties of butterfly los miles / millares de tipos de mariposas


  • 1literary

    miríada feminine literary
    myriads of tiny white flowers miríadas de florecillas blancas literary
    • By contrast, the compounds of calcium have a myriad number of uses.
    • Explaining what a card is to a blackjack computer given the myriad number of possible designs is not easy.
    • Suspended from the ceiling, and casting the only light in the room, were myriad red lanterns constructed from the same silk to suggest various familiar objects.
    • Your week's best strategy would be focussing those myriad abilities on one primary project, rather than dividing and scattering them over a dozen different endeavours.
    • Check out the myriad DIY lighting systems available in local garden centres and DIY stores for this very purpose.
    • The ongoing debate over gay marriage has evoked myriad opinions from numerous points of reference.
    • James could have picked any one of the myriad number of small towns to relocate to, but he was secretly hoping to see Charlotte again.
    • In the evening I hang out with a myriad assortment of interesting characters.
    • Both men eagerly explored and shared their myriad talents with all those fortunate enough to know them as family members, friends, colleagues and students.
    • Almost certainly, the causes are myriad and varied.
    • As they approached the facility, Peter could tell how large the entire installation was by the myriad lights scattered across the compound.
    • These include a myriad assortment of insects, arachnids, rodents, and the occasional raccoon.
    • Lighted candles of myriad colors gathered in a large circle, and a stick of incense stood in the center.
    • It's a global cookbook, providing myriad rice recipes from a diverse set of cooking traditions.
    • Their story is one of the myriad untold stories about this country.
    • It misses the point that we are indeed multi-faceted creatures, driven by myriad goals, desires and values.
    • On our visit the restaurant was decked out for the festive season, with myriad glinting fairy lights and the obligatory sprinkling of canned snow around the windows.
    • The reasons for their hesitancy are myriad - as diverse as the facilities themselves.
    • All in all, the myriad choices offer extreme varieties for the look of your character - making it almost certain that your look will be unique.
    • The scenery surrounding me was so picturesque, so grand that it took my breath away even though I'd seen it a myriad number of times before.
    • The games seem simple, but the myriad ways of betting and sheer number of games to play can be daunting.
    • Ham radios can send messages on multiple channels and in myriad ways, including Morse code, microwave frequencies and even email.