Translation of mystical in Spanish:


místico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪstək(ə)l//ˈmɪstɪk(ə)l/


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    • The temptation is to read it as a sort of mystical or religious experience.
    • We are left to our own resources to either wait in hope for someone to knock on our doorstep or to take fate in our own hands and go in search of that wonderful mystical phenomenon called love.
    • It's important for us to be critical in judging the mystical products of our religious traditions.
    • Over the ages, the weeping of tears has been a sign of the mystical experiences of saints and repentant sinners.
    • Under that plump moon and the glowering gaze of the Matterhorn, we understood why the Swiss feel an almost mystical sense of oneness with the pile of rock.
    • It's my way of tapping into the eternal mystery of life, that mystical force that rolls on despite the petty attempts of humans to change it.
    • A common belief among ancient cultures was that the laws of numbers have not only a practical meaning, but also a mystical or religious one.
    • Music really is a mystical force, a deep psychological wisdom that has the power to heal what is happening to human beings on this planet.
    • Have you had a mystical or religious experience yet?
    • He described an interesting sociological research project, to create standards for what mystical religious experiences are.
    • This dogma can only be demolished by drawing clear distinctions between scientific evidence and the evidence of religious and/or mystical experience.
    • ‘You are God’ is the big mystical secret of all religious traditions.
    • This someone or something is usually either God or the mystical forces of nature.
    • Trees as one of the oldest symbols of life have from the ancient period been associated with the mystical forces of nature.
    • Witnessing the mystical wonders of the tallest peak of the world through the windows of our 1900C Beechcraft is a different experience altogether.
    • And yet this seems very similar to perhaps mystical experiences or experiences of the mystics who wanted to lose themselves in the oneness of God, to become one with God.
    • Theology is the mystical contemplation of God by the creatively receptive consciousness of the mind and heart.
    • Instead of conveying any specific religious message, the whole piece projects a genuine sense of mystical awe that is irresistible.
    • Besides catalyzing their mystical and religious inclinations, he also provides assistance of a more practical sort.
    • For example, they were familiar with certain metals, including gold, which inspired mystical reverence as the perfect element.
    • He is a lost cause, as his dislike of religious / mystical tendencies is well known.
    • In different ways, they've become disillusioned in respect of romantic love, have the rewards and consolations of religious and mystical experience and feel compelled to act responsibly.
    • Patients with temporal lobe seizures sometimes have intense mystical and religious experiences.
    • At the time, Micheal and I differed on certain fundamentals behind our work, especially in the area of religious and mystical experiences.
    • With such strange and mystical forces at your command, you will possess all the skills and wisdom you need to defeat the Dark Lord.
    • I wonder if there is some sort of mystical force that compels me to be such a miserable bastard.
    • At the core of all religious traditions is a mystical experience, an experience of unity, of oneness, with the divine.
    • This recognition accounts for the current interest, in Western countries, in mystical experiences and Eastern religions.
    • The woman was dead, a walking, talking pale corpse seemingly brought back to life by the omnipotent mystical forces of necromancy.
    • In his early years, he studied with deeply mystical teachers of several religions, including Buddhists, Muslims and Christians.
    • Many of my most profound mystical experiences were in drug-induced shamanic states.
    • Varieties of religious experience often appear under other labels such as mystical, ecstatic, numinous, anomalous, and paranormal.
    • She thought of the universe as being full of mystical forces including gravitation and magnetism.
    • Regular contact with the beneficent mystical forces will surround you with a protective aura.
    • Sure, he is a driven man, pushed by the mystical forces that inform the devout.