Translation of mysticism in Spanish:


misticismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪstɪsɪz(ə)m//ˈmɪstəˌsɪzəm/


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    misticismo masculine
    • He said that mysticism was a spiritual way of getting closer to God.
    • This inclination was supported by his decision in 1909, to join the Theosophical Society, where the religious mysticism encouraged him to turn inward to spiritual life.
    • Through visual art, he tried to express a transcendental mysticism that he felt he could not fully communicate through music.
    • Jewish mysticism teaches that non-kosher food blocks the spiritual potential of the soul.
    • Does one then conclude that mysticism and the mystical experience is universal in its experience?
    • For some, mysticism implies that subjective knowledge of the true nature of the universe can, in fact, be obtained.
    • But this intellectual empiricism was joined with an emotional and spiritual mysticism which he got from his parents.
    • This leads us into mysticism as the spiritual quality of staying in pure contemplation in the divine presence.
    • This is not the mysticism as an acceptable form of religion that is based on an intellectual mystical union.
    • I've got no problem with you if you aren't, so long as you don't confuse what you're doing with spirituality or mysticism.
    • Here is an article about mysticism and devotional practices with a chaotic slant.
    • This is because he encompasses every aspect of religion and mysticism in his life and teachings.
    • He's a New Believer of a different kind, drawn to mysticism and the Bible, but not to belief in dogmas or religious institutions.
    • For mysticism is most often associated in both East and West with monasteries.
    • All of us that live in the house share an interest in eastern Christian spirituality and mysticism of the Orthodox faith.
    • Like them he favors a mysticism which maintains that the astral body - a duplicate of the physical body but composed of a finer substance - is what needs to be treated when one is ill.
    • Though most religions, myth and mysticism is concerned with the idea of the spirit, the spiritual or the spirit world, could there be a physical or material component to spiritual existence?
    • His post-war work - which was much more loosely handled and often inspired by religious mysticism - did not compare in originality or strength with his great achievements of the 1920s.
    • I don't know how you feel about metaphysics or religion or mysticism, but we can feel the presence of life and, sometimes, how close someone's come to death.
    • So therefore in different religions we have the special way for mysticism of that religion.