Translation of mythical in Spanish:


mítico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪθək(ə)l//ˈmɪθɪkəl/


  • 1

    (hero/country) mítico
    • The Gorgon was a mythical creature who portrayed the darkest aspects of the feminine: revenge, hatred, lust for power, bitterness and self hatred.
    • That night I found myself staring at a carved masterpiece that decorated the ceiling, with snarling beasts and mythical creatures.
    • They represented deities, mythical creatures, imaginary beasts, and recognizable fauna imbued with symbolic meanings.
    • Only subsequently did it go back to Europa, the mythical princess abducted by Zeus.
    • I had always thought that the Centaur was a mythical beast, but obviously the Greek aristocracy know where to find them.
    • What myth is being alluded to and what is the name of the mythical horse so raised?
    • Even the country's national symbol - the dragon - is a mythical beast.
    • One corner had the Chinese symbol for fire, the other something that looked like part of a mythical beast.
    • All sorts of things have inspired names for performance cars over the years, from animals and winds to exotic locations, mythical beasts and motor racing personalities.
    • Ivory statues of mythical beasts with emerald eyes lined the way.
    • She was teased up to the age of 7 because she used to believe in monsters and mythical beasts.
    • Incidentally, the ancients had another cause for being grateful to this mythical hero.
    • I recognize that another current movie has done well by inventing a language for mythical beings, but is it really necessary that the vampires talk in vampirish?
    • I would search for other mythical beasts like him.
    • The school was named after a mythical creature in the hope it would appeal to youngsters at the school.
    • Their entire surfaces were carved with mythical beasts and classic Viking patterns.
    • Like the mythical phoenix, which arose in its own ashes, the ram was chosen as a natural symbol of resurrection because of its ability, when shorn, to replenish its stock of wool.
    • In China, the unicorn is a symbol of perfect goodness - a mythical beast with a lifespan of a thousand years.
    • Yet another use of a grotesque image can be seen in the carvings of two mythical beasts that perch on top of the great medieval cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France.
    • According to one legend, a mythical hero named Bochica introduced culture and civilization to the people living around Bogotá.
  • 2

    (not real)
    the mythical wisdom of old age la supuesta sabiduría que da la vejez
    • her mythical uncle su imaginario tío