Translation of nail in Spanish:


clavo, n.

Pronunciation /neɪl//neɪl/


  • 1

    clavo masculine
    (smaller) puntilla feminine
    a nail in sb's coffin
    • this failure is another nail in his coffin este fracaso es otro paso camino a su derrota
    • each cigarette you smoke is another nail in your coffin con cada cigarrillo que fumas te vas cavando tu propia fosa
    • to be as hard as nails ser muy duro (de corazón)
    • to hit the nail on the head dar en el clavo
    • to pay on the nail pagar en el acto
    • they paid cash on the nail pagaron taca taca
    • When choosing nails, bolts, screws and metal fasteners, use only hot dipped galvanized fasteners.
    • However, one thing is certain that it's time to get out the nails and hammer, locate the wood and wheels and build your own flying machine.
    • Not only that: the lines and shadows that make up the drawing are created entirely from masonry nails.
    • The gypsum board must be attached to the wood furring strips or underlying masonry using nails or screws.
    • I mean people talk about how you'd like to see children play out practical games, if you like, give them a hammer and nails and a piece of wood.
    • After all, those pockets could come in handy when you're juggling hammers, nails and screws.
    • Some residents had complained about sharp wood splinters and nails encroaching upon the children's play area in the park.
    • One is a collection with dresses in black and white geometric patterns decorated with black leather and metal ornamental nails.
    • Now, the trick is to hit the flat part of the nail with the flat part of the hammer, thus driving it into the wood.
    • Once I had it positioned, I used wood glue and brad nails from the inside to permanently fasten the front oak trim piece with no visible fasteners.
    • I also need a hammer and nails, picture hooks and the step ladder.
    • It was a long piece of wood connected to a smaller piece of wood by some nails and a screw.
    • The health and safety regulations included ensuring any wood collected had no nails in it and all materials prior to burning had to be fenced off.
    • My salvation came in the form of a little nail driven deep in the wood.
    • Built on sloping ground, the two-storey houses are made of wood held together by wooden nails and wedges with no iron or steel used.
    • I cut two big pieces of wood and drove nails into them and tied them together.
    • If you look closely, you can see some of the nails poking through the wood and it feels authentically gutsy.
    • Wood formwork designed for internal vibration is usually joined by nails between the stud and face sheet and between the stud and the walers.
    • Bolts, nails and other metal scrap are dangerously strewn about on the bridges posing threat not only to the pedestrians but to the vehicles as well.
    • My grandad was an engineer by trade and we had loads of tools and boxes of nails, screws, hooks and no end of other fixings.
  • 2

    uña feminine
    to cut one's nails cortarse las uñas
    • she bites her nails se come las uñas
    • before noun nail polish / enamel / varnish esmalte de uñas
    • nail polish / enamel / varnish remover quitaesmalte
    • Alex was clearly nervous, because she kept bending and flexing her fingers, and her nails were bitten down to the flesh.
    • Muscles, organs, hair, nails and ligaments are all composed of protein, so it's obvious why protein is an important part of the diet.
    • The surface of the nails were smooth and without any defects.
    • Some of those patients had toenails so thick that they had outgrown the average nail clipper long ago.
    • Debris from under fingernails should be removed with a nail cleaner under running water.
    • Your nail bed is the skin beneath the nail plate.
    • For example - I know that vitamin E is good for human hair, nails, and skin - so does this apply to cats as well?
    • Laura started biting the nail on her right index finger.
    • The sisters had their nails done together, recently splurging an extra $5 to have tiny flowers painted on their wine-colored toes.
    • She placed her finger on the edge of the glass, scraping her nail across its surface.
    • In the grand scheme of things, dry skin, rough nails and cracked fingertips are not serious health problems.
    • The rest of the nail bed provides a surface for the growing nail to slide over as it advances at the rate of about 0.1 mm/day.
    • Women have come to realize that they don't need to settle for a man with out-of-control eyebrows, chewed up nails, and dirty toenails.
    • She kept her index finger in her mouth, biting the nail to keep her sane.
    • Keratin is an extremely tough protein material that comprises the bulk of hair, nails and horny tissue.
    • Choking back my breath to keep from crying out I clutched at my chest and felt my nails bite into the flesh of my palms.
    • To avoid ingrown toenails, cut your nails straight across.
    • The dorsal fold that lies on the surface of the nail is the eponychium, or cuticle.
    • Make sure you get in between the fingers and under the nails where uninvited germs like to hang out.
    • Longitudinal striations are accentuated ridges in the nail surface that can occur as a normal part of the aging process.

transitive verb

  • 1

    sheer panic nailed him to the spot se quedó clavado en el sitio de puro pánico
  • 2

    coger Spain
    trincar Spain informal
  • 3

    (obtain, secure)
    hacerse con informal
    you nailed it! ¡le acertaste!
  • 4

    (lie) poner al descubierto
  • 5

    Sport derrotar US
    (in league) eliminar