Translation of nail file in Spanish:

nail file

lima (de uñas), n.


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    lima (de uñas) feminine
    • Airports have brought in increasingly stringent security checks, and are confiscating everything from nail files and bottle openers to knitting needles and knives.
    • Before bathing file top of nails with a regular nail file to reduce thickness.
    • I packed clothes, underwear, make up, pictures, books, her toothbrush and other toiletries, but paused when about to put in her nail file.
    • Make sure that all dirt trapped under the toenails are thoroughly removed using the tip of the nail file.
    • There, she stuck her hand underneath the table and felt around until she found her ‘tools’, which consisted of a small metal tray and a nail file.
    • Anything small and flat like a nail file would open them in a second.
    • The girls' version adds a nail file, moisturiser, cotton buds and pads, and eye make-up remover, while the boys get a disposable razor, shaving cream, aftershave and hair gel.
    • The nail file on these clippers is about two inches long - if that - and incredibly flimsy.
    • Putting the nail file down on the desk the young lady looked up.
    • Her fingers found the sharp nail file she kept in her pocket.
    • Just as Jessica sat down on the edge of her bed and picked up the nail file there was a bang on her door.
    • Other items confiscated prior to boarding include scissors, nail files, clippers and pen knives.
    • The receptionist grudgingly put down her nail file to check the computer for her file.
    • Recently I spoke to a woman who had a nail file confiscated.
    • She held her breath as he reached into her handbag, sifting through the contents and removing a nail file.
    • A multi-purpose tool, a pair of scissors, razor blades and a large metal nail file were among the items which she intentionally smuggled on board a commercial flight.
    • It's not like boarding a plane where we expect to queue for hours in advance and have all our darkest recesses searched lest we have even a nail file stashed away somewhere.
    • She supposed she could have used a nail file, when it came down to it.
    • She shrugged and sat down on her couch with a nail file.
    • ‘Applying is not the same as getting in,’ she says while filing her nails with my nail file, which I myself never use.