Translation of naked in Spanish:


desnudo, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈneɪkɪd//ˈneɪkɪd/


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    naked to the waist desnudo hasta la cintura
    • we cannot face our enemies naked no podemos enfrentarnos al enemigo a cuerpo descubierto
    • Micheal walked in a second later, now staring at my nearly naked body.
    • Practically naked ramblers have been spotted in several areas of the Yorkshire Dales in the last week.
    • When we walked in, two completely naked women in high heels greeted us and paraded around, trying to get the champion's attention.
    • I am completely naked in front of him.
    • He was naked from the waist up, only wearing his dusty black pants.
    • The clothes keep coming off until they are completely naked.
    • She was completely naked except for her underwear.
    • Or I will be running naked through the streets screaming for joy.
    • This is not a case of the Emperor's New Clothes, here the Emperor knows he is naked but the people cannot see it.
    • A naked woman's body lay in the middle of the floor.
    • Looking down he saw that he was completely naked.
    • With a start, she realised he was completely naked.
    • I don't agree with sleaze and naked women flaunting their bodies but if it is what they want to do or what they choose to do then that is their choice, not the government's, theirs.
    • The shot of them lying half naked on the bed is just too creepy.
    • It's about the human body, so the actors and dancers are often naked.
    • She forgot she was almost half naked in front of two men.
    • I know about how terrible it is to stand naked in the showers.
    • But let's face it, who among us actually has danced naked in our living room?
    • And the only reason you even looked at me and blushed was because you had seen me almost naked.
    • As long as you're happy with the way you look and you have no problem doing it, I have no problem with you being completely naked or whatever you want to do.
    • Some bird species are naked and helpless at birth, and must be fed by their parents; these birds are said to be altricial.
    • Power lines and telephone cables can be set in place even if all you need for now is a naked bulb.
    • Two naked light bulbs dangling from the ceiling provided light.
    • A chilly wind swept across the countryside, fleeing through the naked trees as it howled against the approaching night.
    • A small naked bulb jumped to life and poorly lit the dreary living room.
    • He gazed longingly up at the immense, empty sky that cut across the nearby horizon through the naked trees and began tramping through the snow towards it.
    • The wind is clattering the bare tops of the naked trees, and the rain is rattling on the gables.
    • By the time they got to their feet and turned to continue they had to stop again, their way was blocked by two foreboding looking men holding naked swords.
    • Hatchlings were completely naked and their eyelids were fused.
    • He had his naked sword in the hand of his good arm and he was angry.
    • Others they compel to extend their necks, and then, attacking them with naked swords, they attempt to cut through the neck with a single blow.
    • Hatchlings are almost naked, their eyes are closed, and they are helpless, but they develop rapidly.
    • Snow and frost hid the green stalks of grass from view, and the naked trees bore witness to the harshness of the season, shivering in the cold gusts of icy wind.
    • The bent branches of naked trees hung dangerously close to the small lake.
    • Backstage, the children sit in front of naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, wiping away the make-up they carefully applied before the performance.
    • The naked red light bulb gave the room an eerie surreal aura.
    • Its paint had long chipped away, leaving only the naked brick exposed to the heat of the sun and the abrasion of the constantly swirling desert sand.
    • All adults at the nest incubated eggs and brooded the naked chicks.
    • Ironic, because this is genuinely naked food, stripped bare, revealing all, hiding nothing.
    • He had been wearing a cloak that covered his face, and had a naked sword in his hand.
    • He still grasped a ragged and naked branch of the tree with hands clenched in desperation.
    • I wake up tied to a straight-backed chair sitting in an empty room under the harsh glow of a naked light bulb.
    • The only illumination is a single naked light bulb hung in the middle.
    • I lifted my head skyward and examined the ancient pine's naked branches and dying leaves.
    • Lamp are preferable to light fittings and naked bulbs.
    • Peasants were on their knees, arms raised like the naked trees in winter.
    • Icy gusts of wind blew in from the north and herded the naked branches of trees in the court yard.
    • This bit really does look like a forest; it is filled with oak trees whose naked branches seem to scrape the gray sky.
    • In the early days of electric lighting, fixtures intentionally flaunted naked bulbs so that no one could possibly mistake them for gas.
    • She stared right into her ceiling, challenging the naked light bulb to look at her.
    • The chamber, the cell, was stripped completely naked.
    • The chicks are virtually naked when they hatch and must be brooded on the parents' feet for about 50 days.
    • Lighting was provided by naked bulbs hanging from wires strung up on the cave walls, and fresh air by ventilation shafts unseen.
    • The naked tree from last month is now adorned with thousands of small, white blooms.
    • Another blast of wind shook the everlasting trees and riddled the naked branches.
    • ‘It wasn't always like this,’ he said, slumping down in one of the chintzless armchairs underneath a single naked light bulb.
    • But when the naked branches of the trees scratched her window, and the wind screamed across the yard, Sarah began to feel scared.
    • This is a man whose life and soul are lit up by a single naked light bulb that he parsimoniously carries between office and home.
    • There's no way of spinning this as anything other than a purely selfish move, a cash grab out of naked greed.
    • Isn't this loyalty, at huge financial cost to the individuals concerned, quite amazing, given the depths of naked greed to which our national sport has plummeted in recent years?
    • It was an intimate experience to catch a glimpse of naked anxiety, grief or joy in the face of another.
    • The last few years have shown that excesses can come about when finance capitalism and modern technology are abused in the service of naked greed.
    • The stark, naked idiocy of this notion keeps me up at night.
    • But his naked ambition has long raised fears among his colleagues and superiors - the fear that he is a Brutus waiting to attack his Caesar.
    • If the politics of naked greed and devil-take-the-hindmost are blown away, then the future battleground is more progressive, between centre and centre-left.
    • What we are getting in their place are naked selfishness, unbridled materialism and marginalisation of compassion.
    • What I find contemptuous is the naked ambition of most of the contestants.
    • I'm almost feeling his naked panic just typing this.
    • The farmers showed naked ambition when they opened up luxury holiday cottages for sun-seekers who like shedding their clothes.
    • The naked ambition and power grabbing becomes breath-taking.
    • If it does come, it would be triggered by the naked greed of a nation that is selfish and self-centred to the point of gross stupidity.
    • Although they come at it from different perspectives, both owners exhibit a naked greed and selfishness that is undermining the existence of professional sports.
    • I don't agree with their politics, and their naked ambition scares me.
    • There has always been an edge to the relationship but it was never scented with sulphur or cordite or laced with the naked hostility that defines other rivalries.
    • And if opponents aren't used to seeing such naked aggression, until they do, their immune response will be somewhat impaired.
    • I love the naked confidence and wanting of it, the simple pop perfection.
    • In truth, naked aggression does not suit him.
    • Its hard to trust when your feelings are so naked, so raw, so harsh, so true.
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    (blade/sword) desenvainado
    (branch) desnudo
    (branch) pelado
    (landscape) sin árboles
    do not use near a naked flame no acercar a la llama
    • invisible to the naked eye invisible a simple vista
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    (stark, plain)
    (racism/aggression) manifiesto
    (reality/ambition) puro
    the naked truth la verdad desnuda / descarnada