Translation of name in Spanish:


nombre, n.

Pronunciation /neɪm//neɪm/


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    • 1.1

      (of person) nombre masculine
      (surname) apellido masculine
      what's your name? ¿cómo te llamas?
      • my name is John Baker me llamo John Baker
      • what name shall I say? (on the phone) ¿de parte de quién?
      • the name's Smith me llamo Smith
      • a woman by the name of Green una mujer llamada Green
      • the victim was not mentioned by name no se dio el nombre de la víctima
      • one of those bullets had my name on it una de esas balas iba dirigida a mí
      • he knows them all by name los conoce a todos por su nombre
      • I only know her by name solo la conozco de oídas / de nombre
      • she goes by / under the name of Shirley Lane se hace llamar Shirley Lane
      • he writes under the name (of) ... escribe bajo el seudónimo de ...
      • the house is in her husband's name la casa está a nombre de su marido
      • he started out without a penny to his name empezó sin un centavo
      • he doesn't have a penny to his name no tiene dónde caerse muerto
      • mentioning / to mention no names sin mencionar a nadie
      • to take sb's name sacarle la tarjeta a algn
      • they've put the baby's name down for the local school ya han apuntado al niño en el colegio de la zona
      • he's put his name down for a transfer ha solicitado un traslado
      • I'll fix him or my name's not Ted Simpson como que me llamo Ted Simpson que a ese lo arreglo yo
      • my/her/his name is mud
      • my name is mud in that place no quieren ni oír hablar de mí allí
      • to call sb names llamar a algn de todo
      • to name names dar nombres
      • And Frank would love to hear from any of you who can come up with a good name, or a better name for the series.
      • Carey's relatives call her by her second name and use the French form of my name for me.
      • A couple ended up in the Shenzhen divorce courts after failing to agree on a name for their child.
      • The word Hutu is the name for the majority of people who live in the countries of Rwanda and Burundi.
      • Before he could escort Hazel to the hospital ball, she had to submit his name for Matron's approval.
      • The botanical name for fennel - Foeniculum vulgare - comes from the Latin word foenum meaning hay.
      • From the root word Hri meaning imperishable, comes Hiranya the ancient name for gold.
      • At age ten I refused to take a saint's name as part of my name for the holy confirmation ceremony.
      • Meg was a name for a little girl, while Maggie was a name for a teenager.
      • CIA officers have a name for intelligence or military operations that rebound on those prosecuting them.
      • Every family had their own name for the plastic wedges you get as rewards.
      • She always thought it was a funny name for a dad, but it was a comfortable name, a familiar name.
      • No matter how confusing the English road names are, the Chinese name for the roads are unique.
      • However, the children still haven't come up with a name for their new pet.
      • Urticaria is the medical name for red small raised welts which arise from release of histamine in the skin.
      • My maiden name has been my name for my whole life and I saw no reason to change it.
      • The first two letters in this word refers to the names of the four lecturers.
      • A ‘sea fret’ is the local name for the thick fogs that occasionally sweep in off the North Sea.
      • Well, it's just a fancy name for one of the most ancient toys known to mankind: the spinning top.
      • We'd love your ideas on content, presentation and a final name for the show.

    • 1.2(of thing)

      nombre masculine
      what's the name of that thing there? ¿cómo se llama eso?
      • what's in a name? ¿qué importa el nombre?
      • she's manager in all but name a todos los efectos / en la práctica, la directora es ella
      • in name only solo de nombre
      • stop, in the name of the law! ¡alto, en nombre de la ley!
      • what in God's / heaven's name is this? ¿qué diablos es esto?
      • the name of the game
      • cost reduction, that's the name of the game hay que reducir los costos, eso es lo fundamental / de eso se trata

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    • 2.1(reputation)

      fama feminine
      to give sb/sth a bad name darle mala fama a algn/algo
      • to have a bad/good name tener mala/buena fama
      • he has made quite a name for himself as a designer se ha hecho bastante fama como diseñador
      • the film that really made his name la película que lo lanzó al estrellato
      • Different salons have acquired a name for a particular service, says a beautician.
      • She's got a family and she works and she's made a good name for herself.
      • Hitherto hopeless footballing nations suddenly emerged from obscurity and started to make a bit of a name for themselves.

    • 2.2

      (person) figura feminine
      (company) nombre masculine
      all the big names todas las grandes figuras
      • all the famous names todos los famosos
      • to drop names mencionar a gente importante para darse tono

transitive verb

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    (give name to)
    (company/town) ponerle nombre a
    (boat) bautizar
    (boat) ponerle nombre a
    they named the baby George le pusieron George al niño
    • a man named Smith un hombre llamado Smith
    • to name sb/sth after / for sb
    • they named her after Ann's mother le pusieron el nombre de la madre de Ann
    • he's been named John after his father le han puesto John por su padre
    • the city is named after the national hero la ciudad lleva el nombre del héroe nacional
  • 2

    (identify, mention)
    police have named the suspect la policía ha dado el nombre del sospechoso
    • the victim has been named as John Brown la víctima ha sido identificada como John Brown
    • to name but a few por mencionar a unos pocos
    • name your own price diga usted cuánto
    • have they named a date for the hearing? ¿han fijado una fecha para la vista?
    • to name the day fijar la fecha de la boda
    • you name it
    • you name it, she's done it ha hecho absolutamente de todo
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    de nombre
    de renombre
    de prestigio