Translation of narco in Spanish:


narco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɑːkəʊ//ˈnɑrkoʊ/

nounPlural narcos


  • 1

    (drug dealer)
    narco feminine
    • Citizenship and passports are easy to procure in Latin America, disguising the movements of terrorists and narcos.
    • I saw some people in a restaurant tonight whom I thought looked like narcos.
    • Authorities believed his information about the "narcos" was explosive enough to put his life in danger.
    • The narcos burn the forest, plant a crop, contaminate the water, buy cattle, and cut down more trees for pasture.
    • Narcos are not ones to put up with competition.
    • The Argentines fear that if the narcos are squeezed out of Colombia they will migrate to the vast spaces of Brazil.
    • The real narcos are as much of a threat to the forest as the loggers, through the devastating fires they set to clear land for poppy and marijuana production.
    • The narcos' propensity for gold-plated toilets and loud parties has not endeared them to their neighbors in the fashionable districts.
    • In daylight, the narcos smuggle their loads across three bridges that link Juarez with El Paso.
    • Many of the narcos are on the outside, they don't even know the inside of a jail cell.
    • When he was director of the Civil Air agency he gave pilots licenses to many narcos.
    • He deployed 25,000 army troops last year to take on the narcos.
    • Although members of the upper classes are not above profiting from the cocaine trade, they look down on the narcos in the same way that wealthy people the world over disdain the nouveau riche.
    • They believe that governments are sincere about combating drugs and the narco.
    • The insurgents, having failed to spark a leftist revolt, turned to the narcos for financial support to bring about revolution by force of arms.
    • They have rattled the narcos, impeding some trafficking routes and increasing weapons seizures.
    • Later, the narcos fought with the guerrillas, because they hadn't carried out the agreement to protect the crops and the laboratory.
    • The narcos pay millions of dollars in bribes to stay above the law.
    • Poor people idolise the narcos: they admire their bravery, and they want to be like them.
    • Lots of freelance narcos are now claiming that they were paramilitaries all along, to get immunity.
  • 2

    (police officer)
    policía antidrogas feminine